Newlyweds Have Wedding Photos Taken in Front of Erupting Volcano

Newlyweds Have Wedding Photos Taken in Front of Erupting Volcano

We’ve seen some adventurous wedding and engagement photos, including couples who have hiked up a mountain or flown out to the Grand Canyon. But one couple has incredibly unique wedding photos, after getting married with the Mount Mayon volcano erupting in the background.

The images were shot on January 25 at the Red Labuyo restaurant, which is known for its views of the mountain. And while they were undoubtedly there for the stunning landscape, they ended up getting something much more exciting. Although people residing in villages closer to the volcano were forced to flee, the couple, Arlo Gerald de la Cruz and Maria Hussa Maica Nicerio, were in prime position for stunning wedding day photos. 

Although Mount Mayon is the most active volcano in the Philippines, it has only erupted 50 times in the last 500 years, making the chances of their wedding day pictures being taken at the same time incredibly slim. See more of the images and a video below:

Props to their photographer, Nebreja Bros. Media. No doubt these are going to the front of the portfolio!

Lead image credit: Ibrahim Kusuma on Unsplash.

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epic. some will say photoshop though. right place right time.

Really epic shots. I might have looked for a different location without the railings. But maybe on street level the view of the volcano wasn't as good. I wonder, though why the title shot of the article is Bromo in Indonesia. That's not Mayon in Philippines :)