Wedding Photography Disaster or Weather Blessing: Rainy Day Photos

Wedding Photography Disaster or Weather Blessing: Rainy Day Photos

Planning a wedding is not a joke: be it small or big, from tiny decorations no one is going to remember to weather forecast. That is one of the most responsible and dear days of our lives and there is no place for drama. Whereas we can certainly prevent or solve any human born issues on that day, it might seem a nightmare to fight with the weather. 500px has put together a great list to help you find the silver lining on a rainy day.

Almost every couple dreams of a blue sky, sunny day and photographers don't lose hope either. This might be the perfect scenario, but what to do when mother nature dictates its rules and showers you and your photographer with some unstoppable rain? Yes! Take advantage of it! 

If you don't believe how inspiring and magical photos can come out of this situation just look at this selection from all over the world.

Hopefully you would be extra excited on your next wedding shoot when it suddenly starts raining to the surprise of your couple. Your creativity can not only save the day, but also lifetime memories - turn them to magic!

To see the full collection, head over to 500px

For useful tips and trick to bring your creativity to life in technical aspects of rainy day shoots you won't regret reading How To Make Fantastic Wedding Photos Even When It's Raining. Don't forget to share your rainy wedding photos in comments! 


Lead Images used with permission of Khatleen Minerve

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Emma Grigoryan is an award winning Fine Art/Fashion photographer based in Armenia. She enjoys styling and creating her own sets and looks: be it a conceptual shoot or a beauty look. Her biggest inspirations are diversity, color, water and geometry. Since 2012 she is a contributor for Art+Commerce and Vogue Italia.

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That is a good but incomplete article ( I mean you wrote it very good) The reason I think is incomplete is I have seen several articles like this but none of them post a complete set of pictures of the same event to really teach how good or bad raining weddings can go.
I read them because living in south Florida as I do you will be in this situation very often, rain is very common here. In this article I see excellent pictures from 5 different authors but what it would be a better point of view is to see same author, same event , several pictures. That will teach people to be more cerative and have a reference from other people's work
Thanks for the article

hi Code, thanks for a constructive comment. I might be doing another article with the context you expect, but that will other kind of concept. in this case we have a collection of different perspectives from around the world to same weather conditions, and if you follow the link at the very end of the article you will be led to an even larger gallery and several same wedding pictures. However the idea of this post is more for inspiration rather than education ) thanks for being with us !

My first couple weddings this season started off with rain.

Nice work Eric. Good to see the realism of the day. I would take rain over a Midday full sun wedding I did!

thanks for the share, the bw looks very romantic !

Great article Emma!

thank you

One of my past wedding under the rain. Thanks for the article!

very sensual, thank you !