The Wednesday Rundown 2.15.12

Death Valley Shoot:

Voorhees Studios takes us on the road as they shoot for IZOD in the desert. Nothing like some fashion in a huge sand box and a dune buggy. What a great location for a shoot.

IZOD Photo Shoot Death Valley (long version) from Voorhees Studios on Vimeo.

Model Shoot

Fstopper Rodney Alan shows us his latest shoot with a two light setup and a white background, which you can do a ton with. Thanks again for sending in this video!

Rodney Alan | Dylan Barmore from Rodney Alan on Vimeo.

Let me know if you have any feed back below in the comments, on twitter @jerrit, of even on my facebook.... and today is my birthday.
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Dodge and burn technique, very helpful. This will speed up the workflow.

Really great shots from Voorhees' video.   I had to chuckle though with Michael's obsession of doing the hang loose hand sign.  He reminds me of Asians and the peace sign :)

Happy barfday!