The Wednesday Rundown 4.13.11

Howdy, and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week I did some research on Terry Richardson. Most of the time when I see his pictures I am reminded of how harsh direct flash can be. This guy lives for the in your face, blow your eyes out flash. What is it with this guy and honestly his technique that has made it? We all have had a point and shoot camera with a flash on it, but somehow this "look" has made it into countless magazines. So many times I pick up a high fashion magazine in NYC and there are tons of this snapshot photos that I think any hack could do. Was his content just so good that he could light it however he wanted or is it just something unique? If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.



The Snapshot:

Oh the old school snapshot, listen to Terry talk about how he got started and his view on the energy of the snapshot. There are some NSFW images so heads up.


Another Terry:

Here is another view with Terry's technique. "A good photo is quick, a quick burst of energy".


Fashion Shoot:

A video sent in to us from Prentice. A shoot with some different fashion, ring flash, and some crazy hair. Check out the links of final photos and lighting setup.



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I think Terry Richardson's career is the result of the energy he has brought to the subject. Also, he pushed the snapshot look at a time which set it apart. It wasn't so much the look that peaked a client's or magazine's interest as, say, the subject's expression Terry's enthusiasm, inspired.

Personally, it's not the lighting I favor at all. But seeing his work and enthusiasm to the work, reminds me to relax and not get too obsessive about a look I'm after, as opposed to making someone comfortable or excited to be in front of my lens.

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It is just crazy to see him with nice gear still direct flashing. It is his signature look. I need to find out if he has ever changed it up, he does get some different shots. Mostly shocking.

Terry cares about who he is shooting and how he can relate the shot to them. He doesn't care about ISO's, or mega pixels. In fashion, its really about who you know, and who you are able to shoot.

There are many great photographers out there that are stuck shooting weddings, and senior pictures. Now there is nothing wrong with that, IF that is your passion, but if you really want to shoot commercial magazine work but can't, you might need to know it doesn't so much have to do with your abilities as much as it has to do with your connections.

Karl Lagerfeld is the head of Chanel, he decided he wanted to start taking pictures, next thing you know he is shooting for Vogue.

When normal people look at photos, they are not looking at bokeh, if you exposed correctly, or if you image is razor sharp. They only care about what you shot and how that subject looks. Terry knows this and thus is it any surprise he gets so much work?

Check out this link about him.