The Wednesday Rundown 5.19.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Thanks for all the videos sent in. Big thanks to Clifton and Daniel for the links and video. We have a couple shots broken down very well for us today. Even a quick skateboarding shoot with a great final shot. Send us some videos and keep working on those videos for the contest!!!

One Beach... One Light:

A great shoot with only one speed light used. This guy gives us some great details and the final images!

Skateboard Photography:

An artistic shoot with a skateboard and some huge tubes.

Behind the Lens:

A shoot sent in from one of our followers, Clifton. A fashion shoot, shot during fashion week NYC.

Colombia Shoot:

These guys have it right, traveling around taking photos. Check out their shoot in Columbia.

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Isn't the last one.. Colombia ?? instead of Columbia? btw, I liked it !!

love the video with one light, great stuff on there!
A lot of photographers hold back because they dont think they have the gear, when really you dont need that much to get good shots!

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

I am glad you liked my spelling!! Yeah I fixed it, late night. Thanks for the comments and feedback on what you like!

I enjoyed all of them, (okay your spelling not that much ;-) ), I am trying to get into photography a bit more and these videos are really good in the sense that give you the know-how from people who actually does it, not like a guy in a classroom that just tells you what he reads or think things should be.

I am not a pro or nothing similar, don't even have a SLR, but dreaming about one. I'd love to fight for the prize of this contest, but I ma way behind from where these excellent photographers are.

hey pros, keep those videos pouring in.