The Wednesday Rundown 5.26.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. We recieved a couple of videos from some fstoppers out there, thanks to Yves and the video sent in! This week I was on a mission to find some Polaroid film in NYC. It has recently been put back in production by the Impossible Project. I found their SOHO store and talked with them for a bit. They hooked me up with some film and I am back shooting old school.  In honor I have found a behind the scenes shoot with some Polaroid film. Check it out!!!

Keith Bradshaw and his father make a Steadicam Merlin:

I have seen a bunch of DIY steadicams before and when my friend Keith asked to borrow my Merlin as a guide I had my doubts. In one day he created the best Merlin clone I have ever seen and uploaded a BTS video.

Polaroid Photo Shoot and Transfer:

Check out this shoot with Polaroid film and see the transfer to a textured paper.

Food Photography - Cookbook shoot:

A food shoot working up to a cookbook.

Scene Recreation:

These guys rebuild a boat scene indoors for a shoot.

Model Shoot:

A quick shoot with two models.

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Patrick Hall's picture

Much props to Keith's dad in this post. He makes quite a convincing steadicam merlin and I'm sure it won't be the last time we see Keith and his DIY video rigs. Cool stuff