The Wednesday Rundown 6.16.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This weekend my mind has been on lighting. This is something I need to work on personally. How do I use what I have to it's full potential? I have found a couple videos that focus on the lighting more this week. Hopefully we all can learn a bit. Thanks again for the comments.

Desert Shoot: Joe McNally

For anyone who does not know who this guy is, he is amazing. He will prove to anyone that the only lighting you need is a speedlight. He has a insane number of speedlights  in this desert shoot but check out how he lights this model even in the harshest sunlight.

Umbrella vs Softbox:

A basic overview on the difference between umbrella lighting and softbox lighting. It is straight to the point in the video, sorry no photos shown to show the difference just explained.

Lighting a model with one Light:

This photographer takes us through a shoot done with just one light. Very detailed and he discusses his vision with the shoot. He has a little advertising on the end of the video.

Light a Car with a Speedlight:

These guys show us how they light a car with one speedlight. They walk us through one of their shoots and show us the settings used.

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Love Joe McNally's Speedlite tree. Haha.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

I was thinking it looked like a tree also. You could light a building with all of those. You could also power a small town with all the batteries.

Great vids! I'm trying to learn all the photography lighting tricks like these to help me with my cinematography.