The Wednesday Rundown 6.7.10

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This is where we post videos sent in from the crowd here at fstoppers. This has been a crazy week for us and we want to thank you for checking out the site. We have some great videos lined up today, amazing filming to go along with some solid shots. We look forward to meeting the photographers that will be out in NYC Thursday night! If you find videos we should post please send them our way.

Multi-Scene Beauty Shoot:

The colors in these scenes are amazing. We are missing some final images here but this shoot is stunning to watch.

Matter Commercial Shoot:

Another great shoot with some interesting lighting and background. I love the final pictures and the contrast these images have.

Singer / Songwriter Shoot:

A shoot involving the singer / songwriter of the song playing in the video. Some great scenery on the country side, a nice car, and a beautiful model makes this one a great shoot also.

Special Olympics Promotional Shoot:

This video grabs your attention right away. A great shoot for a Special Olympics fund raiser. Some great energy and props for this shoot.

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Really liked the bridal fashion shoot... wish we could see some final images...
anyone know where the location is with the airplanes???

Hi Folks,

Flattered to see my Bridal Fashion shoot in this blog! The airplane scene took place at Opa Lacka airport in Miami. Access was coordinated by the photo studio. We were brought in as a last minute idea to shoot a behind the scenes and produce a webclip for the photographer blog. The video was edited and delivered in a couple of days... well before the photos became avaialble....

We used a canon 5d with a 16-35mm 2.8 on the steadycam as well as a 7d with a 70-200mm lens....since we kept changing locations we opted to travel as light as possible and minimize lens swaps etc... we also used a slider for a few shots....

Thanks !!!

Where are all those locations in Miami?! Only one I know is the airport. One just looks like a huge studio with different scenes. Would love to use that place some time. Any information will be greatly appreciated!

Nevermind I found it, thanks any way!

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Leo thanks for the info on the shoot. Great video you had!

Hey Frank, I think its called Little River Studios....pretty cool place...