The Wednesday Rundown 7.14.10

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This is where we post videos sent in from the crowd here at fstoppers. What a great meet up we had last Thursday in NYC. Everyone here at Fstoppers had a great time meeting all of the photographers that showed up. I personally feel honored to get plugged into the photography community in NYC. There will be many more happy hours to come.

American Football Magazine Cover:

Big thanks to Dylan for sending in his video. Love seeing a shoot that spells it out for us. Check out the video and the final images from a magazine cover shoot.

Swimmer Shoot:

Joel Grimes takes us on a photo shoot with a swimmer. His final pictures turn out great with a new background photoshopped in.

Natural Light Portrait Tutorial:

This is a quick tutorial on shooting portraits in natural light. Karl takes us through his steps he used when he shoots portraits.

Fashion Shoot:

A great looking fashion shoot with some city lights in the background. This video does not contain final images, however with these beautiful models and lighting some great images did turn out.

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Patrick Hall's picture

Jerrit forgot to include that over 20 people showed up in NYC for the Lebron James announcement...I mean FS photo meeting. Not bad for a 3 day notice and a highly viral iphone video. And if you were one of the lucky ones, new iphone 4 headshots by Peter Hurley coming soon. Last week was a great week for FS, hope to match it in the coming weeks.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Thanks for the image! Great job again on the video. Thanks for checking out the page.