The Wednesday Rundown 7.21.10

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. I finally booked and shot my first gig on my own. Yeah! I am a pro now right? Honestly everything in life is a learning experience and this shoot only brought up more questions. Check out my post on the forum on vintage effects on wedding photography. I would love to hear your feed back! We have some videos showing how to create the vintage effect from scratch and even one with Lindsay Lohan.

Engagement Shoot:

This guy blows me away with his creative shoots. I love the final images . All done with natural light.

Vintage Effect in Photoshop:

A quick and very simple tutorial on how to give your photos that very popular vintage look. The camera is a bit shaky in the video but after watching the video you will be able to do the same effect. I even found one for the gimp / linux users.

Lindsay Lohan:

Maybe it is to soon. I stumbled across this video and well of course I had to post it. A shoot with Terry Richardson, he talks very highly of her in this video. Still a good shoot.

Italy Fashion Shoot:

A shoot that takes us to many locations in Italy. The final images are shown very quickly at the end of the video.

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Always good to see Terry Richardson with his big bux Nikon and a $50.00 flash bracket shooting a cover for a high end magazine. Have you seen the video for his 2010 Pirelli calendar shoot?

How about a BTS video of Juergen Teller, another shooter who keeps it simple.

Patrick Hall's picture

Surely Terry is doing something more than direct flash as he usually does. I'll have to look up the 2010 calendar shoot for sure....Terry is in our crosshairs :)

The engagement shoot video is awesome. Very inspiring to learn how he make good pictures without fancy lights but great composition and exposure!

I've actually seen Terry shoot twice around NYC. Always the same deal, Nikon with flash bracket. No other light at all.

LOVED this wednesday rundown!!
The engagement shoot was fantastic! That guy has some serious eye with natural light.

Thanks for sharing! The engagement shoot video kicks ass! I love this blog. It's always an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work!

Chen's work is fantastic. Witty, too!

Eric Chen from the engagement shoot is seriously talented. why do i buy all that lighting gear the sun is free!

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

For that engagement shoot that guy timed the day perfectly for all those shots. Just another thing to think about if you can control it.