The Wednesday Rundown 8.25.10

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Another wedding weekend for the crew here at Fstoppers. With a three day weekend coming up and no gigs set for that weekend my mind has started to think where should I go. camping, maybe some rock climbing? Check out the rock climbing shoots I found on the net. It always amazes me all the different photo shoots people have done.

Rock Climbing Photo Shoot:

A good photo shoot on the rocks. Check out the final images that turned out. I might have to hit up some climbing in the next couple of weeks.

Forest Photo Shoot:

A couple and some photo gear take a hike to some beautiful forests.  I love seeing some nature put back into our lives after being up in the concrete jungle.

Editorial Fashion Shoot:

Another great shoot in a natural environment. Check out how this photographer puts some elegance out in the woods.

Airport Fashion Shoot:

A great shoot at an airplane hanger. This photographer is always pushing the environment and model he shoots with. Last time we saw his work he had the model fishing.

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