The Wednesday Rundown 9.1.10

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Where has summer gone, where has these beautiful women at the beach I was going to do a photo shoot with go? As reality hits and the days start to shorten I remember my goals to reach this summer and well notice I have fallen short. I have booked some gigs but to really go out and shoot things others have not, well that is one many of us do not achieve. This week I feel like I have found a video or at least a prospective I love. Hopefully next weekend I can attempt to shoot like this rock climbing photographer and get back in one piece. I hope the best for my gear also.

Rock Climbing Photographer:

This guy is amazing! The work he puts into a shot and the execution is breath taking.  And to find out he would rather shoot film, insane. Most of his shots are from his film camera. This guy could own any of us any day.

Desert Fashion Shoot:

I like the lighting and scenery in this video. Just something simple but catches my eye when I watch it.

Motion Control Time Lapse:

I know this isn't much for a behind the scenes video but this is something personally I want to attempt. Watching videos like this reminds me the endless possibles even with just a still frame DSLR.

Magazine Shoot:

A shoot for Appeal magazine. I wish we could see the final images, however I like the lighting and the contrast of colors for the shoot.

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Simon Carter is a boss. I had no idea most of his stuff was film. He always has stuff published in most major climbing magazines. I have never seen what he looks like so that was really cool. Thanks for putting this up!