The Wednesday Rundown Cinco de Mayo

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown, and Happy Cinco de Mayo. This week we have an awesome under water bridal shoot. Some great stills turn out. There is also a night shoot with fireballs. I even attempted to find a Mariachi band shoot...   Keep sending in the videos we do check them out!

Fashion on Seamless:

Bastian Achard shoots some fashion

Fashionshooting April, 2010 from Bastian Achard on Vimeo.

Military Photo shoot:

A photo shoot with a serious military theme.

Military photo session with Krzysiek - BACKSTAGE and MOTION SLIDESHOW [HD] from MG42 on Vimeo.

Spinning Steel Wool Of Fire Shoot:

Nothing like spinning around a burning ball of fire for some pictures.

Milwaukee Strobist:

A trip with the Milwaukee strobist meet up group and a couple of models.

Underwater Bridal Shoot:

Check out this amazing Bridal shoot done in a pool.

Underwater Bridal Shoot from Vanessa McKellar Productions on Vimeo.

Subway Mariachi: Happy Cinco de Mayo

Just a little shout out to everyone down South around the boarder and over. Now that I am in NY I know how they do it in the big apple.

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Thanks for posing the two Photofide videos!

Patrick Hall's picture

Hahaha Mariachi in the subway! Jerrit, you make me miss NYC :) Have a margarita on me

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Thanks for the great videos Dave! Keep up the great work.
- Patrick I will attempt to find some good Mexican food tonight.