Anti-Abuse Lenticular Print Show Kids And Adults Different Ads

A Spanish organization called "Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk" (ANAR) created a new ad campaign to bring awareness to kids at risk, using a cool new idea (but a very old technique). By using Lenticular printing, they were able to show two different ads in one print - one for kids, and one for adults. Adults see a different image and message than what the kids see. Smart, creative and important.

The 1940 technology lets you see different images/designs depending on your viewing angle. You must remember those magic lenticular rulers and pens from school that use the same idea.

When an adult (anyone 10 years old or older - or taller than 4’5″) looks at the ad, they see the image of a sad child and the text, "Sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it." But when a child shorter than 4’5″ looks at the ad, they see the bruises on the face and also a different message, "If somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you" and the foundation's phone number for them to use if needed.


[via PetaPixel and Gizmodo]

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so whats the point in a smart ad for kids under 10, if its trick shown on youtube?

smart ad...

That's child molesters and abusive parents/guardians what kinds of ways the children they are abusing might find help. It's like telling terrorists where we're looking to find them.

If you know what's good for them, stop showing people who cannot benefit and leave it to just be FOUND by those who can benefit! If this is really being used, it can help, and it's obviously not a money maker, so why brag about it? Thanks for trying to spread the word but this is a bad word to spread.

As for the tech, nothing new. I don't see a logical reason to have this post up. period.

Are people really complaining about this!? ANY WAY YOU CAN, YOU HELP THAT CHILD.

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agree completely

Don't the teachers and other grown ups that surround these children detect the abuse that might be happening, what is the kid going to do? "Excuse me may I borrow your phone so I can report you, for the abuse you give me"

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