Check Out This Affordable Ring Light For Video Or Stills

In the past a ring light/flash was a piece of gear that few photographers could actually afford. Today there are a few cheaper options including the Diva Ring Light that can be found on eBay. In the video below Olivia Tech does a quick review of the $200 unit. Now you may still be thinking that is a little steep but when you look at similar products, the price isn't too bad.

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Sean Shimmel's picture

I had fun teasing out results with a similar product.

Lee Morris's picture

killer shot!

Sean Shimmel's picture


You are kind.

In my next foray, I'll be moving in an opposite direction with the hard, Arri lighting.  :)

Wow you are right Lee that is a killer shot.

Sean Shimmel's picture

Thank you, both. 

And here is more more; as a completely different look it shows the versatility of an utterly simple setup:

Outstanding shots...

Love the catch light in the eyes!

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Thanks so much

For European readers, this is also available in Germany:

Sander van der Veen's picture

Falcon Eyes also sells them, pretty cool light. I have one for 5 years now, works like a charm :)

Olivia... sorry was she selling something...? I'd buy!
Seriously though, I shoot with a Gekko Tech 'Kisslight'... very pricey, but very good. As for the LED harshness... sorry not true there, I Shoot with a diffusion ring GLAM all the way!
Well Jerry Hall loves it!

OR for $50 you could build your own...

Patrick Hall's picture

Any shock Olivia gets 7 comments in like 5 mins?

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Very nice light, but at 65 watts I won't have much use for it in daylight situations. I wonder how hard it would be to create a version with higher wattage..

thats very similar to the one i use Lee. i think mine is 100 watts though. I like it :)