Is the 2017 GoPro Karma Any Better? Updated Review for the Re-Released Karma Drone

In case you missed it, the GoPro Karma was recalled last year due to sudden loss of power which would cause the drone to crash mid-flight. Not a good thing for a first drone from any company, let alone GoPro. The re-release for the Karma drones fixed the issue by adding latches to keep the battery secure during flight, but were there any changes to the Karma drone to improve it?

If you remember the first review of the Karma drone from iPhonedo, there wasn't many positive things said about the drone. Now with the re-release for the drone, iPhonedo was able to do an updated review — and it wasn't much better. There were a few improvements to make the Karma the second worse drone, in his opinion. I think this would have been a great chance to make some other changes or updates to improve the drone. However, the main problem has been fixed which prevented the drone from staying in the air.

Adding latches to secure the battery wasn't the only change from last year's model. This version is quieter than the previous version. The tilted horizon line has been fixed as well and they added some padding to prevent the arms from scratching itself. Is this enough to keep the Karma in the fight amongst the other drones on the market? I was really excited for the Karma drone during its first announcement, but things have changed drastically since then and I'm not sure if there is enough fight for this dog to stay in. Only time will tell.

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That video review is ruthless. SMH!

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The fact that there is an alternative to DJI is a benefit in itself. I haven't flown the Karma yet but I'm sure it's "Good Enough"...just like all new cameras are "Good Enough"..

There has been others. Yuneec is the first competitor that comes to mind

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If you have ever tried to travel with that Yuneec product you will find that it's definitely not as compact as the Mavic or Karma. It's pretty much the same as travelling with a Phantom. Karma is next level in terms of portability.

Would you mind proofreading your articles?

Is Not Any Better I Think they still have that Recall problem Mine Fell Right Out of The Air Just Died And Down it Came on the first Day Just out of the Box. five Days Ago.
If your doing it because of the camera
Just go and buy the camera.