Cris Benton Films From 200 Feet UP

Cris Benton is a professor of architecture at UC Berkeley who has always had an interest in photography. His specialty niche is aerial photography but does not shoot from a helicopter or plane. He prefers to attach his DSLR to a Kite...yes a KITE! In this video Cris shows you how he has developed all of his gear and the various prototypes he used in the past. Watching this footage is really quite impressive on so many levels and the photos are unique as well. We've all seen small cameras mounted to balloons and kites but nothing has been this complex. After the video head over to Professor Benton's website to check out other images he has taken from the sky.

Kite Aerial Photography on MAKE: television from make magazine on Vimeo.

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Dam. This is unreal. Makes me want to sling D300s and 10.5 up!

Ohhh shit

Now I have to spend more money building this kind of camera rig/kite

Why did I have to see this video

Brilliant! Now, if I had any mechanical ability I would give this a shot...

Dude, incredible shots! I do the same thing but with 700-class rc helicopters and a Canon 50D. check out my portfolio at

Nothing new here KAP (kite Aerial Photography) has been around since the 1800's :-)
But it's a lot more relaxing than using RC kit (E.G plane or heli
) He has some nice images anyway

Wow - interesting guy - such a tinkerer!