Behind the Scenes Video Photographing Stunning Military Jets

Behind the Scenes Video Photographing Stunning Military Jets

We've shown you how the USAF Thunderbirds get their amazing imagery, but how do others do it? Go behind the scenes with aerial photographer Liz Kaszynski in this incredible video highlighting what goes into the process for the most epic military jet photos in the world. Liz explains where she travels along with the strenuous training that goes into shooting such an interesting subject matter. 

The video wasn't embedable for us, so please watch it here.

Liz has the career many photographers never new existed. As many fighter jet manufacturers, Lockheed Martin has a team of photographs and videographers to capture the action of each new model they create. With such a high-end product, you can imagine the difficulty in finding the right gear along with backdrops such as mountains or oceans to fit the nature of the new model.

The photographer is responsible for all the training the pilots go through, minus the piloting part. She goes through physical training, water survival and emergency training. With shoots lasting three to four hours while she photographs out the back of an F-16 in exotic locations such as Hawaii, you can see the attraction. Liz explains that communication is key when in the air. Always keeping the pilots safety in mind while choreographing multiple jets at once. 

“You’re looking to get the dynamic action shots,” she said. “You want them maneuvering. You want them going vertical, popping their flares, showing the excitement of what fighter jets do.”

With a large collection of shots in the archives many of the photos are distributed for free for use. Lizs work has been seen in magazines, brochures, marketing material and blogs across the world. While the exposure brings the beauty of the shots to people everywhere behind the scenes is where the true talent comes into play.


See more of photographer Liz Kaszynski amazing aerial shots here.

Images used with permission.

[via The Washington Post

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WOW ! Just jealous now ! Amazing work.

Right?! Pretty amazing little clip hearing about what she does and some of the tricks behind it all

Thanks for featuring a female photographer doing bad ass shoots. It seems that the female photographers featured are almost always portrait photographers (or fine artists that do really bizarre things) while all the cool stuff is shot by the guys.

Glad you liked it Jennifer! It really is great to see stories like this come about. She has an extensive portfolio in this area and every image is crazy good! Be sure to check them out.

Those are such beautiful shots, what I would give to be able to shoot fighter jets

I agree with Jennifer, it's great to see women out there doing what is perceived as the male domain! I started my career many years ago as an Air Force photographer & have been tasked to photograph & film from many different aerial platforms. I'm still called upon as Reservist for my specialist skills. It's every bit as cool as it sounds ;)

man she has one of the coolest jobs in the world