Photographer and Pilot Chase the Sunset Around the World

Can you imagine having the unlimited golden hour for a photo shoot? In this incredible video project created by photographer Simon Roberts and NATO pilot Jonathan Nicol they were able to exactly that. By exact calculation and plenty of research they made the sunset last as long as possible, here is how they did it. 

Having always loved traveling but rarely getting a chance to do throughout my life I have always found flying the best part. It wasn't until I became a photographer that I began booking flights around the sunrise and sunset so I can pair that with a window seat to watch it all unfold above the clouds. By capturing a photo every hour Simon was able to pass through time zones at the exact moment of the occurrence over and over. These two did something thought to be unthinkable, making that short moment in time last as long as possible. 

Watching these two minds come together to create one endless sunset is an outstanding feat for any

“I never thought I would make a series of work about sunsets,” says British photographer Simon Roberts. That was until the watch brand Citizen approached him with the awe-inspiring concept of freezing time even before the release of his shutter. Alongside former NATO pilot Jonathan Nicol, he was commissioned to put a new watch that has the ability to determine and adjust to the time zone to the test by literally chasing the sun around the world.

“The thing about the sunset is that for every second that it is happening something is changing, something is shifting,” Roberts says. “Here is idea that took it to the edge of what is possible.”

What would you do with an endless golden hour?

[via Pop Photo]

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That was filmed and processed really well, great video that really held my attention. I liked the concept and the story.....and then it ended in an advertisement and it kind of ruined it for me. During the video I noticed him checking his watch alot but I thought that was just part of the whole "race" keyword they kept using. I became invested in the video, it was a great adventure and then I just felt sort of duped sitting there with the watch in my face at the end. It wasn't a video about science or adventure or the love of photography, it was made to sell watches.