Capturing Dubai With Timelapses And Wingsuits, Plus Behind The Scenes

Several years ago Richard Schneider of decided his new years resolution would be to begin training to be able to fly a wingsuit. This dream along with his passion for photography eventually led him to Dubai, where he captured the footage you'll see in this video. Learn more about Richard and the work it took to get to this point in the full post.


After being inspired by watching a video with Loic Jean-Albert skydiving in a wingsuit, Richard followed the sport closely and decided to go through the necessary training to become a wingsuit flyer himself. He had to become an expert skydiver, which required its own training and skills, so this was no simple task.

Prior to the Dubai trip, Richard spent 6 months trying to plan and prepare for his jump. He had the necessary licenses as requested by the dropzone in Dubai, so he assumed that he was ready. However, about a month before his trip, the dropzone folks called to tell him that new construction going on would in fact make his landing area much smaller than was previously planned. This meant that they would now require Richard to pass landing accuracy tests out in the desert before allowing him to dive in the island area- this meant there was a chance that Richard could go all the way there, and not be able to perform the dive he had originally intended to do. Fortunately, he practiced all that he could before departing, and passed the required landing tests.


Richard chose to go to Dubai not only for the skydiving opportunity, but because as a photographer he found the cityscape to be very unique and alluring. When he wasn't skydiving, he was shooting some amazing timelapses of the area. (as you can see in the video)

Below is a behind the scenes look at Richard's trip, including some commentary and much more footage than was included in the featured video.

Richard runs a cool blog over at PictureCorrect, and if you'd like to learn more about what he is getting up to on the web, check out his facebook page here.

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well......not sure what all that was, except a bunch of footage strung together.... hardly remarkable

Wow! Dubai is my dream destination for photography, or at least it was before all the masses got there and shot it to death. I still have this photo idea in my head that I haven't seen it involves going up in a hot air balloon near the Burj Kalifa while the sun is still a few degrees above the horizon to capture the Burj with a seemingly endless shadow going off into the day

gotta love people that just have something negative to say ALL THE TIME. 

Loved it, cool video. 

Very true.