Travel Through Doha In 220 Seconds With This Timelapse

It's not the first time I'm sharing Michael Shainblums work and it won't be the last time. Timelapses are one of the most time consuming forms of photography and only a dedicated person with patience can produce quality results as often as Michael.

When Michael was young he was diagnosed with Dyslexia and with different learning disabilities. At that time, through playing with lego, he discovered that he was extraordinarily creative. As he was growing up, Michael decided to foster his creativity through artistic ventures. He was right to choose so, because he has established quite a name amongst astro and time-lapse photographers.


For this project Michael was flown to Doha, Qatar. Funded by Zoom Arts, the assignment was to capture not only nature but the culture and city as well. He spent months in advance planning. While in Qatar, he spent an entire week shooting to create this film.


While speaking with Michael, I was curious as to what the most stressful aspect about the project was. He said that the not knowing what to expect in a foreign country was difficult. It was his first time travelling across the world and the language barrier was also overwhelming.


When it comes to gear, Michael believes that "timelapses don't really require as much fancy gear as people would think. All you need is a consumer grade DSLR and a pretty fast wide lens. It really comes down to you planning as an artist and doing the preparation for the shot.”


Here is another favorite of mine from Michael "Into The Atmosphere" (More of his films on Vimeo)

To learn more about Michael and his story feel free to watch his interview with Vice

If you are wondering how to create a time-lapse, here is an amazing article that will show you step by step but don't forget it's all about dedication.

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I used to love timelapse. I even got into the motion controlled stuff, with a motorized slider and pan/tilt head. Nothing against the creative expression or the photographers that do it, but man I've lost interest in it. It has become a cliche... That said, Michael has some breathtaking shots, and more patience that me.

Absolutely stunning visuals!!!