DJI Announces the Brand New Mavic Air

DJI Announces the Brand New Mavic Air

Most of us who know drones know that DJI is one of the leaders in the industry. Over the past few years, they have been making some of the best products for both professionals and consumers. With other companies like GoPro, Yuneec, and Autel trying to compete with some of DJI's main products, DJI is here to claim their place as the industry leader yet again.

DJI Mavic Air

The Mavic Air is now the most powerful, intelligent, and compact drone on the market. It features several upgrades in intelligence software, obstacle avoidance, flight modes, and design. This sleek new drone that is now more portable than ever will be available as soon as January 28 with a starting price of $799.

So what does this drone have to offer? 

  • 4K video at 100 mbps
  • 120 fps in 1080p
  • 12-megapixel camera with options for HDR 
  • 32-megapixel spherical panoramic photos
  • 8 GB of internal storage
  • New quick shoot features: Boomerang and Astroid
  • 21 minutes of flight
  • Maximum speed 42.5 mph

The Mavic Air has taken consumer drones to the next level. This small, yet incredible piece of technology takes the size of the Spark and combines it with the power of the Mavic. This drone was built to give people the option to create no matter where they go and I think DJI did an amazing job coming out with this newly designed Mavic Air.


I myself have always been a huge fan of DJI products. My first drone was a Phantom 2 Vision + and I will be honest, it kinda sucked. A few weeks after buying that drone, I sold it and bought the Phantom 3 Advanced. The difference between the two drones was night and day. Today, after droning for almost three full years, I couldn't be happier to see how much DJI has evolved as a company. Their drones have come such a long way as far as reliability and quality goes. I even think that just their cameras on the drones alone have gotten so much better that they are competing with a lot of the other top of the line cameras out there for both photo and video. I currently own a Mavic and an Inspire 2 with the X5S and am absolutely in love with both drones. If it weren't for DJI, I wouldn't be able to do what I do. Whether that be for work or my own personal content, their products have gotten me to the point I am at today. It is no surprise that DJI has come out with more amazing products as they continue to set the standard for drones of the future.

The DJI Mavic Air is available to preorder now for $799 at B&H Photo.

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Andrea Re Depaolini's picture

I bought a Mavic no longer than 4 months ago, so I wish I would have waited a bit... But my question is do they said if at least the new quick shoot modes will come to the Mavic Pro via a firmware upgrade? I know asking for the 120fps would be too much...

Derrick Ruf's picture

4K 60, and an image bump would have been pretty sweet, but overall a cool little drone especially at that price point.

Deleted Account's picture

Looks like this is a pdoduct for potential Spark customers, not Mavick

Andrea Re Depaolini's picture

Am I missing something or this is better than the Pro in every aspect except for the battery life?

Stephen Holst's picture

One review said the Pro has 7km range while the Air and Spark only have 4km range, so it has that too :-)

Ben Deckert's picture

I think battery life and the max transmission distance.

Destin Sparks's picture

People seem to be missing the better low light on the Mavic Pro (f2.2) vs Mavic Air f2.8

David Crossley's picture

Developed and ready for market in 5 days ( as opposed to months & months away )-now that's how you launch a new product!

Michael Stevens's picture

Nice specs - too bad the products of DJI consistently break - not mention the absolutely awful customer service at DJI. I own many products from many lines, and will no longer purchase from DJI due to their abysmal customer service. Buyer beware - specs will lure you in, but you will be wishing you had spent more money on a company that actually respects its customers.

Deleted Account's picture

What are the alternatives?