Essential Dos and Don'ts When Flying Drones

Everyone loves drones for the obvious reason that they give spectacular views. Irrespective of who is flying, the dos and don'ts remain the same, and it is important that you know them.

This video is from Mark Wallace from Adorama TV. He talks about a few important tips that have to be taken into account when using drones. The first aspect is with respect to making good pictures/videos and the second is with respect to handling the gear. Also, before anything else, it is important that you are trained well enough to fly a drone before you fly it over even an empty place, as you don't want to crash the expensive gadget. Start with a wide open space. Know your device. Practice gets you there. And when you are trained enough, make sure you have the right permission to fly it wherever you go. Not every place is drone-friendly. Sticking to the proper and legal usage not only saves you from trouble but also gives you the necessary peace of mind to make great images/videos of whatever that you are documenting. There are also other essential points like minding the wind, people, angles, etc. that the video covers. Take a look at it!

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Good tips, especially that first one which can apply to ALL video camera operators. Always hold a shot, especially for cinematic shots which you can land on and hold for a long time.

Yo better get your facts straight. All lipo batteries need to be carried and and NOT checked under the plane. This could catch fire and take the plane down.