FAA Reassures Drone Photographers That Registration Will Be Straightforward

FAA Reassures Drone Photographers That Registration Will Be Straightforward

As the legal situation involving drones continues to evolve and registration becomes an inevitability, many "drone registration" firms have begun to spring up. The FAA has made it a point to note that drone owners do not need to jump the gun, as registration is likely to be a simple and straightforward process, easily completable without outside assistance.

It seems that every week (day, hour), we hear of yet another drone crashing into something or seriously threatening commercial aviation traffic. As such, more stringent government regulation has been an inevitability, but has also been hotly debated as to just how that should be implemented. While we're not yet clear on exactly what the new rules will be, we do know that drones will be required to be registered; so, at least you can't crash your craft into a ferris wheel and shirk any responsibility by simply running away. 

With the forthcoming registration process looming, at least one company has set itself up as an intermediary for drone users, offering to act on behalf of the owner. Sensing the potential looming scam, the FAA has preemptively taken action, noting:

The Federal Aviation Administration wants unmanned aircraft owners to know that there's no need to work with a 'drone registration' company to help them file an application for a registration number.

As such, it appears that the FAA intends to make the process as straightforward and painless as possible. With the status of drones continuing to quickly evolve, be careful to stay mindful both of what's legal and of what's prudent; don't get taken advantage of. 

Are you a drone operator? What would you like to see in the future regulations?

[via FAA]

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I love how something so statistically harmless will need registration (even a very easy one) and guns don't.

Drones don't kill people, people do!!!

What country do you live in?

How's this relevant?

One things is relatively harmless even in the wrong hands and will requires basic "Who's is this?" registration, and the other can and is very dangerous in the wrong hands and requires no registration.

Makes zero sense in any country in the world, except the US.

I was asking what country you live in that does not require registration of guns.

Where I live, we have such registry.

The US doesn't in all states :http://www.gunpolicy.org/firearms/region/united-states

See under "Gun Registration" then "Gun ownership"...

So you want me to read that to you? Because nowhere does it state that guns are not required to be registered.

Every dealer in the US is required to record the sale of any new or used firearm. Private party sales do not require any paperwork in some states, but the firearm is still registered to someone.


"CompareLicensing Records
In the United States, authorities do not maintain a record140 of individual civilians permitted to acquire, possess, carry, sell or transfer a firearm or ammunition"

"In the United States, the law does not require141 140 96 142 that a record of the acquisition, possession and transfer of each privately held firearm be retained in an official register"

And this one is followed by obligation for resellers, manufacturers and State to keep a register. But the fact that private sales go unregistered makes this system completely useless. Imagine if morphine had the same rules...

Also, those registers are only for the resellers, manufacturers. They are not a public record so the accuracy could be disputable...

a government agency says a new registration will be simple and straight forward...........ya ok. am i the only one that thinks that's a joke ? sounds like a another cash grab.

It could be just like registering your car.

They probably just want to be able to find the moron who crashes their drones on buildings or fly them over prisons...

I am with the gubmint and I am here to help

People are people... There was a need for red light cameras to limit number of people running red light.
Same goes for drones. Simple registration will keep people accountable.
Now they should remove requirements for pilot license for commercial drone operators. It should be limited to knowledge test and maybe practical test of controlling drone in manual mode.