Stunning Helicopter Drone Footage of Climbers on Trango Tower

Armed with a RC helicopter drone and a head-up display, Mammut "pilot" Dedicam Andrew Peacock navigates while Remo Masina captures some stunning video of the Trango Tower in Pakistan. See more of Remo Masina's work at . This sample footage will be used in Mammut's upcoming 150 Year Peak Project video.

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W van de Kletersteeg's picture

Definitely stunning. I love this development of (relatively) cheap copter shots. Just using an RC drone instead of a full size helicopter. Briljant. Too bad these things don't carry proper camera's yet. At 1:26 you can clearly see some really bad rolling shutter effects (the mountain looks like a wobbly jelly pudding).

Tommi Käppi's picture
David Mosquera's picture

the camera doesnt seem that bad, the problem i think is the stabilization, probably done with FCP smoothcam.

Christopher Mims's picture

ah the quad chopper.  Would be a fun project to make one of these.  BTS fstoppers original one day?   Great footage, these things are tricky to fly sometimes.

Trevor Dayley's picture

That was incredible. I definitely have got to get one of those some day. Looks like a ton of fun to use. 

Ian Ludwig's picture

Very cool. Scary slip at 1:40 in.

Hannah Edwards's picture

Wow! Amazing footage. I can't believe anyone has the guts to climb that mountain. Crazy! Beautiful view though.