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Baby Sea Lion Jumps Aboard Kayak During Dive Trip

Rick Coleman was scuba diving off the coast of Southern California at night from a personal kayak. As Rick was entering his boat after the dive a sea lion pup jumped aboard. Rick eventually was forced to push the pup back into the water but the pup jumped back on. luckily Rick had a couple of GoPros rolling throughout the whole experience.

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tyrohne's picture

The pup jumped in the boat because a Great White Shark was probably circling the dark murky water...

Fun little video but would scare the pants off me to be off So. Cal in the water at night....

Lisa Hill's picture

That's exactly what I was thinking!

Michael Murphy's picture

awesome. i would've wanted to take him home with me!

Corey Ann's picture

This is absolutely precious and heartwarming. My guess was that he was escaping something or needed warmth. So cute

David Kelly's picture

who the hell scuba dives at night. haha NUTS

ignoranceisbliss13's picture

what exactly is Fstoppers mission? Im getting confused what this site is supposed to be.. What if Rob Galbraith started comparing tea kettles? or Steves digacams started to review Skiing equipment.. I personally come here to look at people whether it be professionals or amateurs moving forward in their photography careers. Reinventing themselves. Taking amazing photos and/or explaining their adventure. How does a cute pup with some guy with a gopro move us fstoppers users forward in our careers or hobbies? Just because its shot with a camera doesnt mean it belongs here. If you guys want to do that i agree its your blog, thats fine, however the users that come here id imagine for professional photography ideas and support for their creative ventures. If you want to have a "Cheer me up with some cute tear jerking story that used some sort of camera" area fine... but seriously.. I now realize why you guys dont have an "About us" area.. because you really dont know huh?

Patrick Hall's picture

Sorry, sometimes as photographers, videographers, or other creative people we simply have fun and interesting things happen to us. If you can't find value in watching this in your day then maybe you need to lighten up a bit.

edwin ortiz's picture

Thats pretty cool, and probably doesn't happen to often. I'd like to see what his images from his night swim look like.