Conde Nast to Turn Monkey Selfie Legal Battle into a Movie

Conde Nast to Turn Monkey Selfie Legal Battle into a Movie

The studio Conde Nast Entertainment has officially acquired the rights to the life story of photographer David Slater, who became known around the world after getting locked in a copyright battle involving a monkey.

The same studio behind firefighter drama "Only The Brave" now holds the rights to produce a major film about the prolific and unprecedented case. As ruled by the US Court last month in the three-year-long battle, animals cannot file copyright infringement lawsuits, and thus the case by animal rights group PETA was thrown out. Slater has provided many details about the effect on his life during the run of the case, at times claiming it has bankrupted him.

Conde Nast – responsible for publications such as Vogue and Vanity Fair – usually produce films based on articles that have previously appeared in their publications. However, they are alleged to have purchased the rights to this story in a rapid deal and are keen to move forward promptly in order to produce a movie about the case while the media attention is rife. Dawn Ostroff and Jeremy Steckler from the company are currently searching for writers to take on the project. The currently untitled film is one of 40 films in development by the company. Watch this space.

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i hope they scrutinize and bully PETA's work on this one. Hopefully also going "backstage" and out of the story to show that PETA isn't really that animal friendly after all.
This case was a joke!

What in the in heckin gosh...

The working title is, Battle for the Copyright of the Planet of the Apes. The ape will actually argue his case in court.

“Caesar...demand....compensation...for lost wages!”

I am wondering who they bought the rights from...


Wondered the same thing. :-) I anticipate another lawsuit...