Dog Photography Secrets Revealed

Having a cute dog myself, I'm like many other people, I stop and look at great dog photos. There's just something about man's best friend that captivates, entertains, and comforts the soul.

Photographer Claudio Piccoli loves portraying dogs as superheroes. His passion for dogs and photography is evident in his superb photos, one of which recently placed second in the Nature category at the International Photography Awards.

Dog photography is one of those things that looks easier than it is. Anyone who has worked with animals can surely relate that they bring an extra level of difficulty to the task, but it is often very gratifying.

In this video by Claudio Piccoli, he reveals his secrets of dog photography. I was surprised to learn that these secrets are not camera settings, gear tips, or post-processing tricks. They were tips of perspective — not optical perspective, but mental perspective. You'll not only enjoy the tips Claudio presents, but you'll also learn how and why dogs can improve our lives. Be sure also to check out his Instagram page.

I've been practicing a bit of dog photography lately. Although I'm quite the beginner at it, these tips have helped me look at the task in a new way, with a mindset that is quite different than I usually have when taking a landscape photo.

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Excellent video on so many levels! Thanks!!

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I found this awesome iphone photography tips that you can use to create stunning instagram images.

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This video depicts heavy abuse of a Nikkor 300mm f/2.8

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Really great photos in your profile! :-)

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Happy to hear that you like them.