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Fstoppers Reviews the SunwayFoto GH-02 Gimbal Head

I recently decided to upgrade to a nicer gimbal head for my tripod. However, I wasn't quite fond of the $500+ options available on the market. I'm sure they are nice, but I couldn't justify the extra cost because my current gimbal did almost everything I needed.

How To Photograph Action in Studio

One area of photography that seems to be avoided by many newcomers is the use of a flash or strobe. I believe this is partially due to the additional cost of equipment and the learning curve involved; I know it was for me. Flash photography is undoubtedly one of those areas that require experience to be good at it.

8 Tips for Panoramic Landscape Photography

As a landscape photographer, one of the things I prefer is a wide or panoramic photograph. Creating a panoramic image isn't as difficult as many might think.

The Pros and Cons of the Canon R5 for Landscape Photography

The Canon R5 has received a great deal of coverage since its release. Of course, much of the initial content detailed specifications and initial impressions. The real test comes after you've used the camera for a while.

Things Canon 5D Mark IV Users Might Not Realize About the EOS R5

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably seen or heard just about everything about the Canon EOS R5. However, even with the multitude of videos I've watched and articles I've read, I didn't realize a few things about the R5.

Judge Rules National Park Filming Rule Unconstitutional

Filmmakers, YouTubers, and other content creators received a big win recently when a D.C. Federal Judge ruled that the permit and fee requirements applying to commercial filming are unconstitutional. Still photography rules remain unchanged, although they weren't as restrictive as the filming rules.

Post-Processing Cat's Eyes in Lightroom Classic

If you've been into photography for very long at all, you know how critical the eye is. I'm not speaking of the artistic eye, but the physical eye as shown in a photograph.

Exposure Compensation Made Easy

When I teach someone photography, one of the things that I make sure the student knows is how the camera meters a scene. Once you understand how the camera meter actually works, you learn that your camera isn't as smart as you thought it was.

How To Make Your New Camera Moment Even More Enjoyable

Waiting for that new camera or gear to arrive can be a somewhat anxious time. I don't know about you, but when I finally decide on a product after much research, I want it right away. However, there are some things you can do while you're waiting for that new camera to arrive.

13 Street Photography Mistakes

One of the things that I like about street photography is that you never really know what you're going to see. You set out with some form of a plan, but that is often interrupted by things you see or things that happen.

Photography Project Ideas for 2021

2020 was quite the year, starting relatively normal and then spiraling quickly out of control as few have seen before. Plans were shredded, and normal daily life was abruptly changed like a cold bucket of water to the face.

Memory Card Tips and Best Practices

Memory cards are one thing that all digital cameras have in common. If you think about it, nothing happens if your photos don't get onto the card, and nothing happens if you can't copy them from the card to your computer.

Tips for Moving Your Lightroom Classic Data

Upgrading your computer or hard drive can be a stressful experience, regardless of your knowledge level. Whether you're installing a larger drive or moving your data over to a new machine, you'll want to make sure you do it properly. Here are some tips if you need to move your Lightroom Classic data.

The Most Underrated Skill in Landscape Photography: Scouting

Many things are required to be an excellent landscape photographer. Knowledge of your equipment, understanding the attributes of light, and an eye for composition are just a few of these skills. However, there is one skill that is often underrated.

3D Printing Your Own Camera Accessories

I'm a gadget guy. I always appreciate anything that can make my life easier, safer, or more enjoyable. When I recently acquired a Kywoo3D Tycoon 3D printer, I thought it would be an excellent time to make my photography life easier.