Post-Processing Cat's Eyes in Lightroom Classic

If you've been into photography for very long at all, you know how critical the eye is. I'm not speaking of the artistic eye, but the physical eye as shown in a photograph.

"Eyes are the windows to the soul." You've probably heard more eye quotes than you care to remember, but there's a reason for that. Many will say that the eye makes or breaks a wildlife photo, and I'm also in that group. That's not to say that if the subject's eye isn't visible in your wildlife photo that's it's junk. No, there are always exceptions, but if you nail the eye, your chances of having a great photo increase dramatically.

Coming to you from Pangolin Wildlife Photography, Janine Krayer shows how you can edit the eyes of a predator, predominately big cats, to ensure they are engaging and not dull.

While you could probably apply these techniques and principles to other animals or even people, it's primarily geared towards predator cats. Janine also explains some of the difficulties in photographing these big cats and the conditions you could choose to make it easier to get those eyes just right. Showing how a few simple adjustments can make a big difference, Janine demonstrates how to make the most of your eye edits. 

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Mike Dixon is a Muskegon Michigan based landscape and nature photographer who's passionate about anything photography or tech related.

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