5 Techniques in Adobe Lightroom Raw Processing You Might Not Know

Lightroom has become even better and more powerful the past few years and knowing all the little tips and tricks in the software with each new update can be a class in itself. Here’s five techniques you may not know that the Adobe raw processor can do to help you make better images faster and easier.

This new video from Adorama and Pye Jirsa of SLR Lounge is a very quick master class in working within Adobe Lightroom and the multitude of options that you have at your disposal. We all know that Lightroom is a very powerful tool that’s adding functionality all the time (for better or worse), but we sometimes forget that it’s not a blanket processing software. The tools in Lightroom can get down into the details and intricacies of your images if you know how to use the sliders and blend if modes that aren’t necessarily explained well in the tool panel. 

Jirsa gives a great breakdown and walks you through his editing process while explaining how each of these techniques cannot only benefit you with single image captures, but can be a great benefit for your workflow with possibly creating a general set of presets based on these tools and techniques that let you clearly define specifics and details in your imagery. Beyond processing your images faster you can also create personalized preset workflows that have highly specified and targeted actions to make your images look consistent like your work. This is just one part of a technique that is better detailed by Jirsa in the video so don’t skip watching his breakdown. 

Are there any other techniques that you use in Lightroom that may not be readily known by most photographers? What was the most interesting tool to you that Jirsa explained in the video?

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Jacob Pelley's picture

I have gone on a few dates with split toning. Great video!

Bill Patterson's picture

Wow, I did not know a lot of that and will now blend a bunch into my workflow but only on great images. Thanks


where is the file??

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Well worth watching.

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