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Fstoppers Reviews the PGYTECH OneMo Camera Bag: One Bag to Rule Them All?

What do you get when you cross a solo event photographer’s working bag with your favorite business travel backpack that you can also take on a day hike through the Adirondacks to photograph your favorite waterfall? How close are we to having the perfect photographer’s camera bag that ticks each and every box?

Underpromise and Overdeliver: The Best Way to Grow Your Photography Business

Creating imagery that’s “brandable” is part of many working photographer's bag of skills but still takes some know how with lighting, posing, and while creating a human connection to excel at a high level with consistent results. Let’s dive into how we can make our commercial and branding imagery simply while also growing our network and earning new clients in the process.

How to Make Your Puppy Portraits Pop

Making great portraits isn't only for people, and with our pets being live-in models, we can get a little more practice perfecting our lighting and post-processing even at home.

If the Olympics Are Rescheduled, How Will the Photographic Industry Respond?

It looks like the worldwide pandemic has finally hit the biggest sports and photography event of the year, as the international Olympic Committee is looking at rescheduling the 2020 Summer Olympics. With this news, the big camera and lens companies may be looking at their newly announced, but as yet unreleased models, and could be wondering if waiting out the economic ramifications of the COVID-19 virus is the most viable idea.

Product Photography: Using Household Lamps to Profoto Strobes

Product photography doesn’t have to take a lot of equipment nor the most expensive lighting or camera gear to create highly polished images. Take a look at this breakdown showing how product photography taken with high, mid, and almost no equipment still delivers highly valuable results.

Destination Wedding Photographers: Are You Breaking the Law?

How many photographers do you know who travel to different countries and photograph weddings in beautiful and exotic locations? The question is: are those wedding photographers legally allowed to work outside of their home country, or are they rolling the dice on having their equipment confiscated and them being blacklisted from entering that country again?

Canon EOS C500 Mark II Versus Canon EOS R: Can the Mirrorless Camera Keep Up?

At $16,000 for the camera body only, the Canon C500 Mark II is an impressive 6K camera that meets the needs of independent filmmakers and videographers alike. What happens if you can't afford a B camera at the same level as the C500 Mark II? Can the Canon EOS R keep up and deliver with its 4K footage?

How to Create Neon Background Effects in Your Studio Portraits

It’s always interesting to see how gelled lighting can shape the aesthetic of a portrait, especially when we can match that colored gel with a small amount of post production to create an interesting background to a scene. Here’s a quick photography breakdown and post processing tutorial that will help you create a neon sign inspired portrait with just a few complementary colored gels and Photoshop.

How the Epic Race Scenes in 'Ford v Ferrari' Were Made

Cinematographers help to bring the vision of the directors they work with to life through their use of practical and off screen lighting, motion capture techniques, and composition. Let’s go behind the scenes with Phedon Papamichael, ASC, the cinematographer from Ford v Ferrari, and see how he helped formulate the lighting and capture of some of the most epic racing scenes in years.

5 Steps for Success in eCommerce Photography

Product photographers are some of the highest earning professionals in the photography field, and they command their prices with the value they bring to other businesses while creating imagery that engages consumers to purchase those business’ products. If you want a piece of that e-commerce photography pie but are still sweating on where to start, then it’s time to get a crash course that will possible jumpstart your beginnings into this profitable space.

5 Techniques in Adobe Lightroom Raw Processing You Might Not Know

Lightroom has become even better and more powerful the past few years and knowing all the little tips and tricks in the software with each new update can be a class in itself. Here’s five techniques you may not know that the Adobe raw processor can do to help you make better images faster and easier.

If You Want to Make Money in Photography, Stop Taking Pictures of People

Are you a photographer that owns a business or are you a business owner who offers photography? That realization can sometimes mean the difference between having a successful business or not. Here’s why you should stop photographing people as the sole subject of your imagery.

Better Environmental Portraits with Luminar 4

Creating dynamic and interesting images in a time crunch situation sometimes means you’ll have to finish your images in post to develop the most iconic and exciting imagery for yourself or a client. This has usually meant a good amount of time spent in Photoshop to extract and then blend your foreground and subject with your sky. In this video you will get to see how Luminar 4 can save you time and help you create an epic back-lit environmental portrait.

6 Easy Tricks to Create Great Portraits Anywhere

Being a master of your craft sometimes means taking exciting and memorable portraits in not-so-interesting locations and circumstances. Here are six simple tricks to help make your portraits more creative while removing distracting elements and creating more engagement.

How to Edit Faster With the 'Dark Mode' Technique

Is there a faster and easier way to create dramatic images in Lightroom that still sticks with your style? Here’s a quick tutorial and a different way of taking one of your images and using the power of Adobe’s software to create a stunning portrait.

Paul C. Buff Announces LINK: An 800WS Portable Strobe

The past several years we’ve seen an amazing amount of new and portable lighting options in the photographic industry with breakout performers like Godox taking on the giants of the lighting world like Broncolor and Profoto. One of the biggest names in North America for lighting has been ominously silent but Paul C. Buff has finally responded and just released a new mid-tier performer that is sure to make many of Buff’s lighting fans excited for what’s coming next.

3 Things Photographers Get Wrong About Flash

If you’re diving into using strobes for the first time or if you are still learning how to use additive lighting in your photography, then definitely check out these three misconceptions that many photographers have about shooting with flash.

Adorama Unearthed: A Photography Series that Captures the American Rockies

The best parts of landscape photography is a mix of the planning and adventure to travel to and explore a new destination all while photographing the beauty of the area that you’re in. In this new series from Adorama, you have the opportunity to take a trip through the American Rockies with three photographers as they traverse some of the most beautiful and least seen lakes and mountains in the USA.