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Photography Tips: How to Use Color Effect Gels

Telling a story doesn’t stop at your subject in photography; everything in an image gives the viewer context clues to build a narrative around. One of my favorite ways to facilitate interest and story in photography is incorporating color effect gels into the scene, but what are the best ways to use them and why?

Iconic Images from the 2019 Solar Eclipse

To witness a solar eclipse is a once in a lifetime experience and to photograph two within 2 years is an amazing opportunity to leverage your experience to create incredible imagery. Ted Hesser was able to garner a second opportunity with the 2019 eclipse and put his ideas into motion with only weeks to spare before this year's eclipse to gather ideas and compose images that engage our humanity within the cosmos.

Fstoppers Reviews the Tenba Roadie Air Case Roller 21

Tenba has been creating some very stylish and excellently designed camera bags recently and the Tenba Roadie Air Case Roller 21 is the pinnacle of these new offerings. With a semi rigid hard shell case surrounded by a 1680 denier ballistic nylon shell, the roadie air case is not only an inconspicuous and highly stylized camera bag, but it's also an incredibly protective roller case that’s great for domestic and international travel.

Take up to $900 off a Brand New 2018 Apple MacBook Pro

Photographers and professionals alike swear by Apple’s MacBook Pro as their mobile solution to get the job done. Apple’s professional tier of computers are known for their ease of use, battery life, and reliability. As such, it’s rare for them to go on sale. Not only are Apple’s MacBook Pros on sale, but everything from the Apple Watch, iPads, to iMacs are on sale now!

Will the RF 500mm f/4L IS Telephoto Be the First "Big White” Lens For Canon Mirrorless? [Rumor]

The rumor mill is always turning and the future of RF and Canon’s full-frame mirrorless offerings is where many photographers are keeping their accumulated attention. For those who shoot the “big white” lenses, this just might be the turning point for those whose talents extend to wildlife and sports photography with lenses that many times average more than $10,000 to purchase.

Lighting Tips and Tricks With JB Sallee

Do you want some new or different ideas on how to use your lighting when shooting a scene, a portrait, or both? Do you have multiple strobes or lighting but haven’t really put them to the test outside with a client? This set of lighting tips from B&H Photo Video and JB Sallee may be right up your alley.

The End for the Business of Photography?

The rise and democratization of digital photography over the past 15 years has been, I would describe, as one of the most socially changing movements in the world, ever. Though the cellular phone may have been the initial catalyst, the camera accompanying that communication device has now allowed billions of people to interact and share worldwide events from a nation's political upheavals to the birth of their own child. With sales of standalone cameras dropping nearly in half in the past seven years, has photography changed for the better, and is this the end of making money in photography?