Drones and the One Way They Shouldn't Be Used

I can say I have seen a lot of weird things in my life, though nothing to this extent. Having a drone and flying it is one thing, but to mount a dead animal on it and make it fly is beyond me.

When it comes to animals, I really don't think that this should be any sort of an option. I find it very odd that somebody would even think to do this and owning three cats myself, I sure wouldn't want one flying around as a drone whether it got hit by a car or not. Though this brought a bit of amusement to me, it isn't right in any way. I just had to laugh because I never thought something like this could cross someone's mind and motivate them to make it happen.

AJ claims that doing this was a tribute to his cat's untimely death and that everything is better when it flies. As much as he could be joking, he took it a little far by carrying it all out and actually creating these drones, planes, and submarines made from animal corpses. If the animals were not real, I think that would make this whole situation better, but they look for road kill and other dead animals saying that it is "human interference" that allows them to do this. There are weird people in this world, and even weirder people aside from that. Filming your pet is one thing, flying your dead pet is another. Don't be weird and do stuff like this.

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Justin Haugen's picture

I'm not sure an opinion on this matter was needed. Simply "check out what this guy did" would have sufficed and you could let people draw their own conclusions.

Your weird is someone else's entertainment. Now I feel weird for finding it a hilarious use of time and resources lol.

Jon McGuffin's picture

Thank you, couldn't have said it better myself.

You liking what he does is not a requirement for him to do it. Your liking it isn't a qualifier for whether it should be done or not. Your liking it or not is ultimately irrelevant.

I wouldn't do it myself - I love my cats very much and have them cremated.

However, I found the whole thing rather hilarious.

Justin Berrington's picture

People put dead animals all over their walls as trophies. They just sit there staring at you which is creepy and weird. At least you get to play with these dead animals.

Lars Daniel Terkelsen's picture

Oh, my! If you are going to complain about all human weirdness, you will certainly have a full time job. Humans are weird. Get over it. Without weird we would be doomed. Or at least die in a dull, grey, boring world.

Andrew Stegmeyer's picture

Really scraping the barrel for content these days. I feel dumber for having read this.

Taylor Osborn's picture

Uhh. Just an FYI this story came out like 4 years ago. CNN covered it.

Pete W's picture

Agreed, it's an old story ... Although I did notice the date this video was uploaded to Youtube, "Jul 31, 2016" so indeed it might be new footage. Regardless the story of the "DEAD Cat and the Drone" went kinda viral quite awhile back. Yup OLD News!

Throughout history we have used dead animals for food, for medicine, for vitamins, for clothing, for decoration, for equipment (and the list goes on). Might seem odd to make a drone, but just joins a long list...

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I found it funny. Pure creativity in fact. But it raises the question: where's the line... Can I do that with my deceased... wife?
Just asking.

No, there are no drones capable of that.

Jeff Colburn's picture

The flying dead animals was meh. Do it right, and convert an octo-drone into the baddest, biggest flying spider you can make.

Have Fun,