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How to Photograph Birds With Clean, Simple Backgrounds

One of the most difficult challenges in bird photography is finding the subjects you want in front of non-distracting backgrounds. With limited means of placing wild birds exactly where you need them, what methods can be used to ensure other elements in the frame don’t overpower the subject?

Jan Wegener is a bird photographer whose style is very much based around capturing his subjects in front of light, clean backgrounds. In this video, Wegener shares a few helpful tips and reminds us what pieces to the challenge are still in our control.

We may not be able to command the birds to certain spots on a perch, or to certain perches at all for that matter, but we can control where we are standing and we can observe the areas in the background to predetermine what may look best behind the bird. As Wegener points out, it’s not always looking for the less cluttered background, but distance from subject to background can be even more important in what to look for in the field.

Check out the full video above for more of Wegener’s expertise. What are some ways you approach finding clean backgrounds for your wildlife photography? Let us know in the comments below.

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