Photographer Sets up Trail Cam, Discovers Bears, Deer, Bobcats Use His Log Bridge

A wildlife photographer based in Pennsylvania has set up a log bridge across a river, before installing a trail cam. Over the past couple of years since its installation, he has captured footage of a whole host of wild animals, including bears, beavers, deer, and a collection of birds, and now the resulting footage is doing the rounds on the internet.

In the video, Robert Bush Sr compiled one year’s worth of visuals together for viewer convenience. Evidently, his building the bridge was to the benefit of the wildlife, who seem to make frequent use of it. Bush posts all of the recordings to his Facebook page and YouTube channel, both titled Bob’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera. The latest round of clips caught the attention of the team at WSLS 10, part of NBC, late last year. Also picking up traction over on Reddit, it has acquired thousands of views and Upvotes.

What’s most intriguing about the log is the vast array of animals it seems to attract and provide for and, as you’ll see in the clip, it attracts different species all day and night. The trail cam allows us to watch footage of them undisturbed in their natural habitat.

See more at Bush Sr’s YouTube channel.

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Daniel Medley's picture

So awesome. I could watch this for days.

William Nicholson's picture

I too could watch for days but maybe it is time to go out and do our own videos.. I live in the Great Rocky Mountains of Colorado, time to get me one of them there cameras. Although, bears come to my house all the time and the Ring Door video captures them tipping over the trash can. So cute and cuddly.

Alex Herbert's picture

I've got a fox sleeping in a bush in my garden... time to buy a GoPro! lol

William Nicholson's picture

You sure it's not a fox in the Hen House? lol. You want a trail camera not a Gopro, Need that motion sensor and Gopro does not have one plus a Gopro does not do at all well in low light nor in dark. I have 5 Gopro's that I use for action and that is what they are really good for. Keep the fox out of the chicken coup.

Marcelo Valente's picture

So Cool...

Timothy Roper's picture

It is amazing what animals get up to when humans aren't around, especially at night when most of us are sleeping.

Alex Herbert's picture

Amazing or annoying (my cat)

Carl Crumley's picture

I have a Bushnell trail cam in my backyard and get a lot of action like this, but I'm really envious of the high quality video. What kind of camera is it?

Morris Erickson's picture

His YouTube About page says Browning Special Opts Advantage.

Matthias Dengler's picture

I'm not a wildlife guy at all.
But watching this is really calming me down :)

Alex Herbert's picture

That Crane (?) has some ridiculous in-head image stabilisation (Sony take note!)

Dan McCloud's picture

That is a Great Blue Heron. They're quite common here in Pennsylvania and always entertaining to watch.

Alex Herbert's picture

I need that tech!

Timothy Roper's picture

Do you know what kind of birds those are at 1:00? They look like (feral?) chickens to me. But I don't know all that much about wildlife, and even less about East Coast wildlife.

Dan McCloud's picture

I believe that is a ruffed grouse.

Stefan Gonzalevski's picture

Great video ! That lynx has the same dumb face as my cat :-D