Picfair's Urban Wildlife Photography Awards

Picfair's Urban Wildlife Photography Awards

Picfair is sponsoring a new Urban Wildlife Photography Awards competition intended to celebrate our growing connection with urban wildlife. Enter here. Hurry, entries close May 31, 2022 at midnight.

According to the architects of the competition, viral images of urban wildlife proliferated during the height of the pandemic, and our fascination with capturing images of nature found within the urban jungle shows no sign of letting up. For example, the number of images tagged as urban wildlife images on Picfair has more than quadrupled since 2019.

The awards are free to enter and are open to photographers of all levels throughout the world. Winners will be awarded in three categories with prizes from Picfair, Peak Design, Camtraptions, and MPB worth up to £950, plus an overall prize bundle including a Nikon Z 6 II camera and a 24-70mm lens, worth over $3,500.

The awards will be judged by award-winning wildlife photographers and writers Melissa Groo, Andrew Budziak, Will Burrard-Lucas, and co-founder of birdsong recognition app and citizen science project Warblr Florence Wilkinson.

I should also note that 50% of profits from prints sales related to the competition will be donated to wildlife conservation non-profit Re:wild. Re:wild protects and restores the diversity of life through innovative collaborations among individuals, communities, Indigenous peoples, governments, scientists, and businesses to drive the most pressing nature-based solutions to our planet’s urgent crises. 

As you may know, Picfair is a global photography platform and online marketplace, powering over half a million photography portfolios around the world.

All images provided by Picfair and credited to each photographer as captioned. Lead image photographed by Niney Azman.

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