Astro Core Makes Time-Lapse Photography Easy

Astro Core Makes Time-Lapse Photography Easy

When it comes to time-lapse photography, there are a great number of items available for you to do just that. In fact you can head over to B&H Photo to really see just how many options there are. Most are fairly simple to use and come with some sort of remote allowing you to set the path and duration of your pass. Some are intuitive, others aren't as simple between setting keyframes, setting durations, or in some extreme examples, using a different module for each axis and having to program each independently in order to achieve a multi-dimensional movement. How much simpler would it be though if you could draw your intended path for your time-lapse and have it up and running in a matter of a minute or two?

​That's where the Astro Core comes in. This Kickstarter, marketed as individual hockey puck looking devices that will serve as individual axis of movement including, pan, tilt, and slide (linear) movements, is able to be programmed, all from the ease of your smartphone via Bluetooth connection. With that connection you're able to program multiple cores together to sync and create simple or complex movements. The way you program them is by opening the menu and entering your own starting and ending values as well as durations and shutter rate and plot your course out manually. Or, you can draw your desired path with the use of the Gesture option. By utilizing the motion and gyro sensors already built into modern smartphones, with the app you're able to set your own path just by moving your phone across the landscape and hitting "Start."

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This is how easy it is to set the path of your time-lapse with the Astro Core.

Venturing over to the Kickstarter website you'll see they have actually reached their goal and are set to start sending out models by November of this year. Additionally, instead of running on an internal rechargeable battery, the system runs on AA batteries, meaning you don't have to worry about losing a charge and having to find a plug before you can get back on a roll. Is this something you would see as being a valuable tool? Head over to the Kickstarter site for more information and an in-depth video on the use of the Astro Core system.

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Fstoppers Staff Writer, Ryan Pramik is a professional photographer and videographer that specializes in automotive work but crosses the line into other genres for work or for personal projects. Has several publications under his belt for automotive work as well as event coverage for the automotive genre as well as others.

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Ah. Yet another Kickstarter project. I feel like I should write an op-ed about why Kickstarter is bad for consumers. Remember the Triggertrap project?

I feel the same way.

Hmm nope. I bought a Triggertrap and I'm happy with it. Did something bad happen during the Kickstarter-project?

They raised 500K then never delivered on the Triggertrap Ad. I am sure there is more to it than that but at the end of the day it was a failure.

Arh.. that sucks. I've bought two from them. Works fine now. App is good too.

Title is misleading. It reads as if the product is out and available but really, at this stage, it's just a pipe dream.

It should be clearer that "Astro core" aims to make timelapses easier... etc...

Or you can buy 2 Syrp genie mini + their pan and tilt bracket which are available now.

Please DON'T back this, the makers have a really terrible history of being very late with deliver and super bad at communicating with backers, and the pico app still doesn't work. There is a reason all three projects have been done under brand new creator accounts. Go read the comments at the pico kickstarter (i was a very disappointed back)

This seems almost exactly like the Syrp Genie and Genie mini. The only difference I see is the gesture with your phone.

Order the Syrp products that are proven to work and available now!

Please be weary of this; I had signed up for the original Astro Kickstarter and after the delivery deadline was missed by many months (and past when I was planning a trip to use it!) I asked for a refund- thankfully I received it and walked away. Perhaps they've turned things around and are going to deliver on time and as advertised- but due diligence is recommended.

To the TriggerTrap comment; I guess timing is everything. I bought mine through the company website and have never had any problems or concerns. Maybe it's the Kickstarter-process that's so frustrating?!

Their pico kickstarter was just as bad as the astro - ran 12 months over their dead line...