Fuji X Mount Lenses App Lets You Test and Compare Lenses Without Leaving Your Couch

Fuji X Mount Lenses App Lets You Test and Compare Lenses Without Leaving Your Couch

We have all been there when trying to pick a new lens. 14mm or 18mm? How big of a difference does that 4mm of focal length make? What sort of differences in depth of field will I see when comparing this zoom lens at f4 to this prime lens at f2.8? Well Fuji has come to the rescue and has released an app to iTunes and Google Play that will let you test all of their lenses from your phone or tablet.

Within the app you can select the lens and aperture you want and then take a virtual picture. If you select a zoom lens, then you can also choose what focal length you would like to use.  

The app will then show you the image and corresponding settings that were used. If you want to see the image in comparison to another, then you can decide to add the image to your lightbox. This is where the app can be pretty helpful. You can take an image on their 14mm lens and then the same image on their 18mm lens. You can then visually see the difference that 4mm makes. Same thing with aperture. You can compare the depth of field of their 23mm f1.4 to the 27mm f2.8 and decide if the cheaper option will work for you or if you need to go with the more expensive option. No more guessing and no more searching through countless lens reviews hoping they compare the 2 lenses you are looking at.

In addition to comparing lenses, you can also see look at the work from some of their X-Photographers and see what lens they used for each image.

Is this app something you could see yourself using to make a decision on what lens to purchase next? Do you think the other camera companies should follow in the steps of Fuji?

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This app is a total waste of time it freezes and I could've been done with individual shots from individual lenses that you could flip through or compare side to side I would suggest Fuji spends their time making a flash for the camera that works or two make a camera that can autofocus follow subject to produce a tack sharp focus image

Are you on Android? It seems the android app has a bug. Also, what Fuji do you use? the Xt1 is pretty good at AF tracking.