Today Only: Save $100 off Mike Kelley's Architecture Photography Tutorial

NOTE:  This sale is over and was only good for 1 24 hour period. Fstoppers is having a flash 24 hour sale on some of the products in our store each day leading up to Christmas.  Today's sale comes from Mike Kelley as he is offering $100 off his widely acclaimed tutorial Where Art Meets Architecture.  When Lee and I approached Mike about this tutorial we had no idea it would quickly become the most popular tutorial we have ever produced.  Realtors, architectural photographers, and commercial photographers have found great success with Mike's unique approach to photographing interiors.  Today you can find the coupon below and get in on this booming genre of photography that is often overlooked by those wishing to make photography a full time career.


To save $100 off this tutorial, simply apply the coupon code "save100christmas" on the download page checkout.  


In this architecture and real estate based tutorial, Mike Kelley teaches you everything you need to know to make your photos pop and stand out.  If you are needing to shoot multiple houses in a day, Mike shows you the easiest and most effective way to photograph interiors completely in camera with little to no post processing.  However, if you are looking to produce the most stunning and compelling architectural images often found in magazines and high end commercial publications, Mike's signature light painting and photoshop compositing techniques are what really make this tutorial worth its weight in gold.  


Not only does Mike Kelley teach you his camera and lighting tricks but he also takes every single image into photoshop and shows each and every step he takes to produce a final stunning image.  Mike has also included the RAW files to one of his trademark Twighlight Exterior images so that you can follow along and perfect your own photoshop skills with actual files captured by Mike himself.  

This tutorial has only been available for about a year but Lee and I have received more thank you emails about this tutorial than anything we have produced so far.  It's pretty amazing that this genre of photography is relatively neglected and overlooked by aspiring photographers yet there is such a booming need for this niche of photography in the commercial, advertising, and real estate world.  If you are looking to expand your own photography skills or perhaps needing a change in direction with your services, Mike's Where Art Meets Architecture tutorial is the perfect place to start.  

If learning in person is more of your thing, do not miss the chance to learn from Mike Kelley himself at this years 2015 Fstoppers Workshops in the Bahamas.  Watch and work side by side with Mike as you craft spectacular portfolio images within some of the most luxurious bars, restaurants, and penthouse suites found on the Atlantis Property.  For more information on this amazing workshop/vacation taking place May 2015, head over to Mike's Fstoppers Workshop page and check out the video above.  


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Grey Tan's picture

been eyeing this for awhile now. bought and looking forward to the content!

Vincent Poppe's picture

Hi Patrick,

Lately, I've just have a look to your post.
Just a question : Will you, again, give a new promo code on Mike Kelley's DVD? For Easter for example... :0)

Thank you for your answer,
Kind regards,


Peter Perrine's picture

I second that Vincent, I have been considering this for some time and I just saw this post. Definately would have taken advantage of it had I seen it in time. Plus being right here in Charleston I have seen these locations all to often. Easter or sooner would be great...

Darryl Mason's picture

I've been hoping too for a 2015 coupon code for Mike's stuff. :)

Patrick Hall's picture

Mike just had a sale around Memorial Day. We hope to have more sales throughout the year so stay tuned to Fstoppers.

Colleen Burke's picture

Hi Patrick, would you know if there are any new coupons available to use for Mike's where art meets Architecture 2 tutorials?

Darryl Mason's picture

Thank you Patrick.

Mark Labbato's picture

I'm considering a purchase on Michael's course, any coupons available? Thank you.

Roger Applewhite's picture

Hello; I'm new to FS and I recently purchased Mike's Architecture Photography Tutorial. My question is- is there a certain area for this course in which I can study Q&A's devoted to the course's material and even perhaps ask some new ones? Thank you, Roger

Patrick Hall's picture

Hey Roger, yes Mike Kelley has a private facebook group where everyone who has purchased the course can share images and knowledge. You should have gotten that link in your email but feel free to email us or Mike with your purchase details and we can add you to the group