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The Making Of The Amazing New Gus Van Sant BMW i8 TV Commercials

If you have not heard of BMW's nimble new i8 hybrid supercar, you should look it up now. Even if you aren't into cars, you do have to take a moment to marvel at not only its beautifully-futurisitc aesthetics, but it's equally as impressive performance technology. BMW hired director Gus Van Sant to create a trio of gorgeous ads to help introduce the car to the world. Watch the behind the scenes video above and see the final three videos below. 

You see, it's amazing how this was shot. In a time where so many high end car ads are created in post production, it was great to see so many truly beautiful shots created right in camera. Although, the subtle visual effects where they make the desert look a little more beautiful (see below) were well applied.

real scene above and after post production below

Also, I love when a macro lens is used so effectively. See the image below:

Applause to BMW for even creating such a cool behind the scenes video! It's really cool when people really show off some fun Hollywood effects (chase cars, helicopters, vfx, camera porn) to create some memorable ads that really stick out in my mind. On a side note, I've been lucky enough to sit in the new BMW i8, and it really is overwhelmingly cool. Such meticulous attention to little design detail elements.

Check out the three full videos below.


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David Moore's picture

Not that is matters, but the i8 isn't all electric. It actually has an absolutely crazy turbo 3 cylinder to power the back wheels. </carnerd>

Great post, I know the above/below shot shouldn't surprise me by how much work was put into it, but wow.

I wish I had spent more time shooting the i8 I found parked in Carmel in August. It and the i3 such an interesting styling direction for cars.

Simon Whitehead's picture

I am the future. I am the wind. I am the spirit of freedom. I am contrived. I am obvious. I am all car advertising.

Emil eriksen's picture

From now on i'll end every meal like this " I AM ...... I ATE"

David Geffin's picture

I'm barely into cars but i watched all 3 videos - that second one with the guys from Boardwalk Empire is great, really love the lighting and how it's been shot. Great BTS too, loved the fact they put post work into the BTS to bring it up to the same look and quality standard in a way of the commercials.Thanks for posting DS

Matt Berkowitz's picture

very well done. the macro shots are killer.
anybody know what they were using for tube lights? they didn't look like Icelights.

Douglas Sonders's picture

could be just straight up kino tubes

Chris Blair's picture

Awesome, love that shot with the blown out sparks behind the glass, that was cool. Putting that in my toolbox.

Ralph Hightower's picture

It looks slick, but I bet in a head to head match that KITT of Knight Rider would kick butt!

David Apeji's picture

Nice car, but I really feel it falls short in Tesla's world - faster, better economy, more practical, available.

Martin Melnick's picture

I've driven the i3 and it out accelerates my mustang - the torque on bmw electric cars is intense. I can only imagine what the i8 feels like to drive. Pretty form too. I like how simple these spots are. Too many car commercials of late, make use of cross-franchising with other brands, until some large budget, studio mess is all that's left.