Luxury Photo Print Product with an Affordabale Price Tag

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Ever since my childhood, there has been a connection to the old world. The look and feel of maps, an alidade, a sextant, and a sailor's log book were just a few of the things that were thought of when my own company's brand was being developed. However, there was always something missing to truly meld the old world with new world products until I found a fine art display that not only awakened that connection but also did not break the bank.

While on the hunt for something unique and new for the studio, yet still cohesive to the old world feel of the brand, the Scroll Album was the best of both. Upon opening up the packaging, the scroll fully wrapped with the leather tie felt as if I had stepped back in time. It was small and compact with the cover at just 10.5x20 inches when rolled, and the mages at 9.5 inches with a white border exceeding to 10 inches when unraveled. This combination of compact when stored yet unrolling to reveal a large fine art piece would be the perfect addition to any fine art collection.

Product image courtesy of Jonathan Penney.
Product image courtesy of Jonathan Penney.

Client Experience

The client experience and product differentiation are the two key items that set apart one boudoir studio from another. Cate Scaglione wrote that this new display allows her to do both of these things. This new look from master printmaker Jonathan Penney exceeded both expectations from a client experience and business standpoint. Fine art studios strive to bring the type of products that strike emotions in specific cliental. These types of clients are the ones not looking to shoot for someone else necessarily, but more to tell a story of their time.

Scaglione expressed just how displays of her artwork bring a new emotion to her clients when looking over their images. “It helps them rethink of themselves as timeless women, the kind of woman that stories of beauty and spirit are told long after they've gone,” Scaglione said. “In a way, I can help them think about how they are immortalized in piece of handcrafted art.”

Image courtesy of Cate Scaglione.

The Business and Details

The business aspect is quite simple. This new display helps fine art photographers sell the feel of a luxury product to those who may feel too modest to display their boudoir images on the walls. It also helps for those who want the album look, but only with a few amount of images. The display can hold up to five images vertical or horizontal. It is made of a matte fabric that gives the satin feel for boudoir images. Penney said that he toyed with the idea of using canvas instead of the fabric, but the weight, and the inability to keep it unraveled, completely swayed his decision. The satin material added a distinct and superior touch to the already luxury display of the leather. The display comes in at $85 with one image and additional $20 per image following. This is beyond compare to have a luxury line from a master print maker within the budget of any photographer.

Product image courtesy of Jonathan Penney.
Product image courtesy of Jonathan Penney.
There are a variety of color options keeping in line with the simple look and feel of traditional leathers. Image Courtesy of Jonathan Penney.
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