Amazon Boudoir Wardrobe Finds for Under $20

Amazon Boudoir Wardrobe Finds for Under $20

A few months ago I wrote about the higher end luxury finds for your boudoir wardrobe closet. In those instances where a client has either brought unflattering pieces or that she is relying on your to help guide her in looks, having these backups are perfect to get more looks for bigger sales. While having a closet can be helpful, it also does not have to break the bank if you are just starting out or like to change things up constantly. I am a huge fan of Amazon finds. A few pieces in the studio are in the higher luxury end, however, the majority have been under $20. Nothing compares to the looks of the luxury lingerie but having the range of sizes needed in the studio is not always feasible. I searched for ways to get great pieces that worked with various sizes without spending hundreds on each piece. 

The quality will never compare and yes it will not withstand years of multiple uses as I have put them to the test over the time in my studio. But I keep the links to each piece in case one finally meets its final shoot. This bodysuit has been my favorite lately in that the tie back strap allows for a range of bust sizes and only cost me $6.99. 

This blue teddy works for all sizes and can even be perfect for maternity shoots as well with the open front. This versatile piece cost under $16. The additional decor is to bring texture and some color into the background. I have added faux vines priced at $12 for a collection of six pieces. 

If your client has her own set of lingerie you can always add to it for even more impact. A simple harness works wonders to add to a bra with adjustable straps to accommodate all sizes. At $8.99 you can get a few in different styles. 

The images that sell the most in my studio are those that show the entire body elongating the legs and torso. This gold sparkle piece for just around $20 is another that fits all body sizes in that it is strapped in the back allowing for a range of shapes. 

 It works well if you are also an underwater photographer and need to add some shine to your looks. I routinely use my boudoir wardrobe underwater knowing that it is not expensive in the case it might not make it back to the land studio. 

Jennifer James with Supernova Boudoir uses Amazon, Fredricks, and Aliexpress to stock her wardrobe with finds under $20. This gold velvet bodysuit can be found for under $7 and creates dramatic colors in her images. 

Image with permission and courtesy of Jennifer James

Adding accessories does not have to break the budget either. This tiara priced under $19 added to this entire session that was themed. 

Maintaining a boudoir wardrobe closet does not have to be expensive and can also help save you in those times your client brought one look. Many times they think one outfit is all they want, but if you have other pieces to shoot in you can add bigger sales with a diverse set of looks. My keyword searches on Amazon are simple but effective. 

  • Boudoir Bodysuits
  • Sparkle lingerie
  • Harness bras
  • Lingerie Robe

You can also filter it to under a certain price range to be sure you are not overspending. So far all finds I have come across have been true to size, however, I am sure there will be some that do not fit this statement. If you have an amazing piece you have come across leave a link in the comments to share with others searching! 

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JT is known throughout the International Boudoir Photography Industry and the region for her unique approach to Fine Art Photography. Her underwater work as JT Aqua is ethereal based and conceptual. She is an educator, writer and currently teaching workshops for underwater and boudoir.

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Good stuff, it happens often that a model comes with something either not fitting her body correctly or just isn’t pleasant for her body type. Backups from the photog could help surely.

I know that bodysuit from somewhere :D

"Bodycon" is also a good keyword to search for.

I use the app Wish to get some crazy deals on styling pieces you will literally get outfits that will literally just coast you a couple bucks for shipping