Amateur Versus Professional Product Commercial Challenge

There are many kinds of professional photographers and videographers. However, if you take two professionals from different disciplines, how much of a difference is there? This video gives you an idea of what specializing in your field can do.

Chris Hau is an accomplished photographer and videographer — professional by all standards — but like all of us, he has his areas of expertise. Jeffrey Larsen is a professional product videographer and creator of commercials. In this video, Hau and Larsen both create commercials for the same product to see the difference.

My expertise in professional videography is limited; I do some work in the area, but it's not where my bread is buttered. In photography, again like all of us, I have my areas of specialty and areas I simply dabble in. One of my specialties is particularly niche and so when I see photographers dabbling in it, even professional photographers, I notice a lot of errors. Sometimes it's useful to remind yourself how much of a difference it makes to take your time to specialize in an area of interest. Hau's commercial is good — no doubt about it — but it isn't in the same league as Larsen's, to my eye. This isn't insulting of Hau's work, it simply highlights that putting your time into a genre or niche pays dividends.

Which did you think was the best?

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Benoit .'s picture

I watched and skip the ad section because it sounded like a commercial. In the end neither video explains what the product does. Graphically, if I must say, I think a little over done by the pro and not quite there with the amateur, but the pro looks more pro. My opinion. I'll never know what the product does because the too much made me feel like what did I just watch?

Paul Papanek's picture

This why ad agencies exist.