Behind the Scenes Photographing President Barack Obama

New York City-based portrait photographer Drew Gurian primarily focuses on the intersection of photography and music culture. But most recently he had the opportunity to team up with to photograph President Barack Obama during his speech on the Iran deal at American University, and during a video interview in the White House library. This brief behind-the-scenes video gives you a really great sense for what it must me like to be privileged enough to get this kind of access.

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via [ISO1200 (I'm going to have to send you guys a cake soon)] 

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Dylan Patrick's picture

Very cool, I'd probably give a toe or two for this access

Rex Larsen's picture

Always great to get good access, especially to our historic first black President.

michael buehrle's picture

i hope you don't put him in the great people category.

Lloyd Grace's picture

You couldn't pay me to be in the same room as that sludge.

With statements like that, I doubt anyone is knocking down your door to pay you at all.

Chris Helton's picture

Curious. Who is the guy sitting in the back the whole time? Is that a real job? Like a PA who just sits with the photographers gear and hands him stuff.