New York Times Photographer Claims More Access to Trump Than Obama

New York Times Photographer Claims More Access to Trump Than Obama

A New York Times photographer assigned to cover the White House just made a statement that is sure to generate opinions across the political spectrum: President Donald Trump is more accessible to photograph than former President Barack Obama. 

In a snippet from a recent interview with C-SPAN, Doug Mills, New York Times staff photographer, compared and contrasted his experiences photographing the former and current occupants of the Oval Office. Mills stated how exciting it is working in the White House at the moment and said, "from a photographer's standpoint, we get a lot more access to the president. I see him more on a daily basis than we did with Barack Obama." Mills went on to say that there are days where he is able to photograph Trump multiple times in a variety of situations, including meetings, bill signings, and on his frequent weekend trips to his properties, such as Mar-a-Lago resort and Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster.

Mills photographed Obama for the eight-year duration of his presidency and has photographed Trump during his first year in office. Mills said, "I think photographing Barack Obama for eight years, he was probably the most photogenic president in my generation...I look at just the past year photographing Donald Trump and he's probably one of the most iconic."

Mills said that the greater access to Trump has resulted in more opportunity to spend time finding creative angles and interesting lighting by which to tell his photojournalistic stories. Mills utilizes a monopod at times to obtain unique overhead shots of the president in the Oval Office. He pre-focuses and eyeballs the composition, hoping for the best. The results can be striking, offering a new vantage point of key events.

You can watch the full interview with Mills on C-SPAN's website.

Lead Image by Marianique Santos via Wikimedia Commons.

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He was a reality tv star. Going back decades, Trump was never shy about being out front and in the papers. This isn't a shocker at all, perhaps the country is still learning about Trump what New Yorkers have known forever about him. I don't think he puts a premium on privacy, I think he wants to win the front page at all times. He's a vain egomaniac.

Religion, Politics...Race...hardly jives with our thing. "as I get the popcorn"

I'm leaving this alone as a sh** storm will be brewing. However, I will say that I do like the photo with the "45" embroidering.

Agreed, that's a great shot. Thanks for reading and commenting!

But the shirt was probably made in China.

No comment, LOL!

You know what's funny, all the down-voters don't realize I actually voted for Trump ;)

Somewhat like the flu this year, the best thing to happen to America in many years.

YUP, the dow is higher (right now) and it was higher than it ever was when Obama left office. Safer? Not so much, we're still being attacked (and by more and more home grown terrorists, but they don't call 'em terrorists when they're from here in the home land).

If you want to sell your point of view, it would be a lot more effective to think about it and present evidence rather than ad hominem attacks. Now go get 'em! ;-)

Only if they are non-white, apparently.

You've got a WH full of traitors, Liars with their alternative facts, bigots and lovers of dictators.

You do realize Black unemployment was also at record low rates under obama.... They have been literally at "record low rates" since 2013 and continue to drop. Now if they are STILL low when trump leaves office in handcuffs in a year then you may have a point. As of now it's stupid point to harp on

If you only had a clue. CNN, MSNBC lies to you every day and you suck it down, refusing to recognize it for the propaganda it is delivered by not journalists, but instead... Democratic Operatives. I have hundreds of videos where CNN and MSNBC directly lie, something journalists are NEVER allowed to do. Like this one....

Well, I'm not a robot like you seem to be. I don't get my news from any of those sources. I tend to rely on more reliable sources than your Faux News, CNN and others.

You don't have a clue... not a clue. You are lied to on a daily basis by CNN and MSNBC, so your body of knowledge is tainted. Here, I don't accept any news agency as non-bias, they are all bias, but one thing journalists are NEVER allowed to do is LIE. For a journalist to report a bias, push an agenda, acts as an operative for a particular political party is OBSCENE in the world of journalism... at least it used to be. They manufacture false facts, refuse to post anything positive and there are many things positive, but wallow in the most insignificant negative. THAT is not journalism. THAT IS FAKE NEWS! THAT IS, BEING A DEMOCRATIC PARTY OPERATIVE!

Traitors? Traitors to the Democratic Party perhaps. Not traitors to the American people. For that, you have to look at the Democratic Party who virtually every component of the party has been found to be caught in one lie, one fraud, one crime, one collusion after another. An FBI that declares a suspect guilty, says if anyone else had done the crimes they would be in jail, then refuses to prosecute? That's not America! That is Russia, Chile, Iran. But when you are being lied to by news agencies every day, it is understandable how you can be so ignorant of the facts.

Ahh, you have those "alternative facts" the WH likes to use. Doesn't take much effort to find the real facts, but go ahead and continue to bow down to them, he likes it when you heap praise upon him, much like his counterpart in Russia and North Korea.

Reggie, I don't bow down to anyone. The facts are indeed clear. Hillary and the entire upper tier of the Democratic government is as corrupt as John Gotti and the Gambino Family along with Joseph Bonanno combined. Hell, you probably believe Trump grabbed a kitty and made fun of a handicapped reporter. NEITHER of which happened. But the odds are you don't care about the fraud and corruption by the Democratic Party members. BEST BET IN VEGAS!

Well hell Reggie... share those sources with the rest of us so we can be as enlightened as you. Apparently you don't resource any information that points to corruption in the Democratic Party or the fact that the ONLY RUSSIAN COLLUSION appears to be that of the Democrats. This sounds like Russian Collusion to me.

I think you meant "HAD a Whitehouse full of traitors..." Obama's gone now bro so that has been cleaned up.

Prob a monopod like they use at ULTRA.

They’re paintings and not photographs maybe?

Stand up is my fallback. And the world is praying that I don’t need it. Haha

He uses a monopod for the overhead shots. In the interview he says he can use it to raise the camera up about 15 feet.

I like how Mills "stands back" on many of the images above showing the amount of press (mics, cameras, etc). The images have a vintage "Eisenhower, Kennedy" era feel. I love this image taken a couple years back

Totally agree with you on the vintage feel of those photographs! Great stuff

All politics aside that’s got to be an amazing gig for a photo journalist. If there’s conflict in action every single day. Never a dull moment.

People love to watch things explode... hence why we all love seeing him fail. Glad he has access and gets to document this properly.

Not sure why people want to see our president fail, it’s not good for us as a people. I didn’t vote for Obama, but I didn’t want him to fail once he had the job. That’s like wanting to live in a shitty environment where crime is rampant, jobs are gone and there is no security for the future.

It's not that I want to see him fail... My life is literally in his hands (I wear a uniform). I just don't expect anything less when he's the least qualified person for the position.

I'm not from Alabama; I'm just stuck here in this shitty state.

I applaud the honesty and lack of political agenda of photographer Doug Mills. HAND CLAP! HAND CLAP!!!! There is not enough of that lately. Unlike other media Democratic Party Operatives who lie every day.

Wherever this comment lands, I just want all of you to know that you are loved, valued, and can do amazing things. Despite your differences, believe this about each other first. Stay well my friends.

I don't know what's happening here. Are people making remarks about such things of no significance for the purpose of getting their 15 minutes of celebrity, or are people just making random personal observations that Internet bloggers and promoting as though they were genuine news of importance?

Trump is obsessed with the pomp and pageantry of being president. Having been a third-rate game show host (The Apprentice, Celebrity Apprentice), he uses stagecraft to project his image. He uses Republicans, Democrats, Supreme Court Justices, people as props. His bill signings and executive order signings are nothing more than props.

Trump humble? That's a good one. ROTFLMAO!


Great way to increase traffic to your site and to increase sales in microwave popcorn. This will do until we get another CaNikon debate or polarizing iPhone film making / photography article.