Behind The Scenes: Shooting The Master Of Horror

John Carpenter. His name is synonymous with fear. The films he has made in the last 40 years has been the cause of both delight and terror in several generations. 'The Thing' used to have me scrambling under the covers at night during my childhood while 'Big Trouble in Little China' had me laughing at jokes I was still too young to understand. Follow Kyle Cassidy as he photographs John Carpenter in the author's music room for his series of fantasy and science fiction writers in their creative spaces called: Where I Write.



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Brilliant! I loved this video. The real lesson isn't even the light setup itself (although it was sweet) it's how he took what could've been to many photographers, a space where no image could be conceived, and made it happen.

grammar 101: films "have" been

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Lord, and here I thought I was a grammar Nazi in training. *shrugs*

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I've ALWAYS loved Kyle's work, this is just another example on why he rocks. 

The best part is that from what he's written on his Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to get him to L.A., this isn't even the final portrait photograph that was commissioned!