[BTS] Building A Car Composite

This is a very cool video from the guys over at Aesonica, they're shooting an Audi A4 with only a single light and a whole lot of post work. Just goes to show that you don't need a ton of money to make a great shot of a car.

Well, you'll need plenty for an awesome car to shoot, but that's not important right now.

Check out their blog post on the shot HERE.






From Nick:

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Tam Nguyen's picture

You do need a ton of money for that Intuos Cintiq though :)

Jesus DeLaTorre's picture

Did someone wash/dry/detail the car or something after the rain? Cars look hideous after it's been raining.

 Probably a handful of towel boys wiping it down constantly. Even with morning dew, the tiny condensation you can't really see with your eyes, does terrible things to the reflections.

That isn't a 2012 A4... 

 I was thinking the same damn thing.  Horrible video if you cant even edit the right info into the image!

Nathan Hamler's picture

hahah i noticed that too...it's a B7, not the new B8...

Looks like test work. Who cares about that weak sauce looking car. Its all about the Cintiq he was using. These dudes need to shave. Nice results too.

Steven Pham's picture

All that work yet the front wheel is turned the wrong way. 

David Brand's picture

I've used this technique to photograph a few cars before as well.  
Here's a link to a 350z road race car I shot.


Good post but not so sure about the composition. 

I can't wait for my D800 to FINALLY get here so I can do videos like this! My composites are a little different though. http://tinyurl.com/7s3clfg

Props for the editing and the skills involved with Photoshop.  Could work on a more dramatic photo and not just your run of the mill snap shot.  

Darek Szwedo's picture

I have done a similar technique for my shot, I have used a single light with one mirror :D  here is a sample :


Fetching image ...

uh, I think they forgot to wipe down the back windows with the rain ;)