[BTS] Guess Jeans Spring/Summer Photoshoot

[BTS] Guess Jeans Spring/Summer Photoshoot

So this video is mostly just absurdly attractive people having their pictures taken, but this video really gives you a great idea as to how big the scale of these productions are. They also seem to be using a lot of natural light for these shoots, which is kind of amazing.

I won't lie to you though, the thing that stuck out to me most in the video was the photographer in a wheelbarrow being pushed around behind the models he's shooting.

I mean, whatever works right?




From Nick:

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Alvinus Melius's picture

The use of only natural light is what really struck me. Most often you expect to see all kinds of strobes on set for a shoot like this. Impressive! The wheel barrow is impressive too!

does anyone know what is the name of this photographer?

wow only nat light !

Amazing models and like the two people before me noticed: didn't see a single strobe! It seems the photographer took most pictures in the shade, but even the ones out in the open I don't really see strobes and only one or two reflectors (which do not need to be held even it seems, wind helps a hand...).

The photographer is Raphael Mazzucco..
and here is a link to some pictures taken in video above:

Paul's picture

The photographer is Raphael Mazzucco. He's one of my favorite photographers of the present time. Shoots for Guess, Ralph Lauren, Sports Illustrated and many others. What he does with his photos after he prints them is amazing. 

Here's a cool short movie about him and his art http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22_SDXT9kO4

Fantastic models! Cool to work with models who naturally know how to act and pose. Need probably much less directing from the photographer. Really cool shoot! 


Wow, sexy stuff.  How fun to be Raphael!

Great work, I will never look at large production shoots the same again, I always thought they would us the big Octa's even in natural light, but maybe it has something to do with the denim (morie effect?) or Raphael is just an amazing natural light photog

This changes allot of my mind sets!!
I thought it is all about lighting, but didn't see a single strobe! wonder how this shooting would look like with some strobes, after all, this is what the client wants!!
I think I will forget about my strobes upgrade plan, and buy my self a wheel barrow!! 

 I think this video is a sort of a self promotion video, with a few scenes behind the stage, not a video to show you exactly how they made the photos. So don't be too sure that they didn't use strobes.

Not saying he did not use any strobes, but I did not see any type of wireless or wired triggering system on his camera.  Lots of other light modifiers were used.

Matt Rex's picture

I`m surprised its shot on a DSLR. I thought it would of been shot on medium format digital..

This looks so incredibly boring.  How much more fake can photography get? 

This is why people turn away from photography.  This is why creeps pick it up.

Stop it Guess.  Just stop it.