[BTS] Michael Thompson Shoots Rooney Mara

This is a really cool video of a shoot that Michael Thompson did for Allure magazine. I'll warn you, it talks almost exclusively about makeup and hair, but I loved the simple sets that they built for the shoot AND you see how the photographer used two big silver reflectors to shoot with natural light.

I've always felt that if you give your model something to interact with, you're more likely to get a more natural image.

What do you guys think? Ever built any on location sets like these?







From Nick:

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loved the sets, even though the cover is just a close up of the face

 great video, simple, to the point, and just a nice teaser. congrats.

She is so toally different in this compared the the film. It was interesting seeing a bts video from the beauty side of things and makeup and hair can really be overlooked when there is so much lighting to deal with.

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It is a little bit strange that such a set ( wooden ladder, beach and etc. ) and result used is just a close up part of the face. Maybe other pictures were used inside magazine ?


exactly! kinda lame.

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oh yeahhhh!  I build sets on location a llll the time!  Its the best part about our job!  You can make what you want... where you want it!!!!