[BTS] Shooting With The Olympus i-SPEED 3 In The Paris Metropolitan

This is a really interesting behind the scenes video of the shoot for the music video for "What I Like" by Blake. The Olympus camera highlighted in the video was used at some crazy frame rates, from 100 to 400fps.

Also, check out the bicycle dolly they're using at the end of the video. Pretty cool.

Here's the final product:


From Nick:

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OMG!!! My eyes are bleeding!!!!!! They had a big Flicker Problem!!!
PS: I mean in the final video itself!

 "Problem"? Seemed very intentional and fitting to the theme/music to me.

Yes and No!! As they were shooting with available lights they had the problem! but to compensate it they added some flicker in some shots to make it looks like it was intentional! I worked with some Phantom footage and I can tell you that that flicker is very characteristic of high speed shooting!!!
PS: Just some little examples: @ 0:03 the light flickers outside the train but not in the inside, since they are too different light sources and current circuits!
@ 0:10 The Arrow sign! flickers like Hell (Ok! Ok! That was a bit exagerated) :D
...... and so on!!

I sent this to Lee a year ago and he wouldn't post it. Are you raiding his email?

I really couldn't hate the music more!!

Pretty cool but the flickering looks unprofessional even if it was te desired result. 

Also, random dead pixels? wtf?

A bit too long. (and everything else said above)

Hot Pixels! Wow... could they remove them in some Premiere or AE ? It's thaaaaaat simple!

They could not fix flickering because of the place they were filming in.It's fine.

I'm sorry but they're really out of it. I mean who shoots Olympus? (eeeww) AND myspace? Really?

That flicker thing was dependent on frame rate. They shot at between 100 and 400 fps, and fluoro lights flicker at 60 hz, in USA, not sure in Paris. Frame rates were being constantly varied also. At some rates, no flicker was evident, but when really cranking, there was bound to be conflict.